How to ‘Skip Silence’ in Voice Memos on macOS Monterey

How to change playback speed in Voice Memos on macOS Monterey

Apple introduced two new changes in the Voice Memos app on macOS Monterey: playback speed options and the ability to skip silences. We covered the new playback speed options in an earlier post. In this post, we shall take a look at how to skip silence in Voice Memos on macOS Monterey.

The Voice Memos app is a ubiquitous tool for go-to podcasters. It enables them to express their thoughts in words to a large audience in an instant. The simplicity and ease of use that the Voice Memos app brings along with it are unparalleled.

Podcasting aside, you can use Voice Memos to create voice notes during a lecture, record interviews, conversations (in a morally acceptable manner), and more.

That said, with the newly added ability to change the playback speed of a recording or skip silences to make the recording as efficient as possible, it shows that Apple knows the powerful impact the app has on people and is keen on keeping it updated.

Why would you want to skip silences in your voice recordings?

The ability to skip silences is a feature usually (but not exclusively) found in the realm of podcasts. If you are a podcast creator, it enables listeners to better engage with the podcast’s content while making sure their time is utilized efficiently.

Skipping silences in tracks can sometimes save minutes off. This can also be useful to students who may benefit from compressing lectures by eliminating awkward silences automatically. It helps them grasp course material in a better way.

How to remove silent parts from your voice recording on Mac

  1. Head over to the Voice Memos app.
  2. Select a Voice Memo/Recording to begin with.
  3. Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the window.
Voice Memos Settings
  1. Enable the “Skip Silence” toggle by clicking on it.
How to skip silence in Voice Memos on macOS Monterey

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