Ethics Policy

Technology is a vast field. And we, at The 8-Bit, are extremely thankful for being able to share news and information about topics related to technology on a daily basis.

With the extent of reach and influence knowledge disseminators like us have over people, it’s imperative to follow a set of rules.

At The 8-Bit, we strive to follow journalistic editorial standards and work with utmost transparency. Here is our ethics statement.

We do not copy material from others

Due to the sheer volume of information being shared online, with news stories breaking here and there, it’s impossible to maintain 100% originality. We may sometimes refer to information from other websites and blogs in order to disseminate information as clearly as possible. However, there are certain rules that we follow when we do that:

  1. We never blatantly copy a story or its contents from other websites or blogs.
  2. We may sometimes copy snippets of text or information from other websites or blogs. In that case, we make sure to appropriately and adequately credit the source. We also ensure to add our own commentary for our readers.
  3. We may sometimes refer to a story from a different outlet that broke certain news originally and expand on it to add our own touch for our readers.
  4. We will, at all times, credit the source where necessary.

We disclose partnerships with brands and mark sponsored posts as such

For us, our readers are everything. We do not intend to trick our readers into reading a promotional post without disclosing it so.

  • Every sponsored post is marked with a Sponsored tag.
  • We mention an Affiliate Disclosure on every post that features affiliate links.

We indulge in ethical reviewing of products

Reviews have the power to influence people’s purchase decisions. Therefore, it’s imperative that they are entirely ethical. The last thing we want is to our readers be misguided.

  • We may accept paid reviews, but that does not influence the content of the review whatsoever.
  • We won’t review a product we don’t have access to.
  • We will never accept scripted reviews from brands.

We won’t create content for SEO purposes alone

Many websites and blogs out there totally forget about their readers and indulge themselves in a search engine ranking race. We, on the other hand, strive to create useful and readable content for our users first while also keeping SEO in mind. A prime example is our Mini-LED vs OLED explainer. Even though it’s an 11,000-word article, it is plush with unique information and images that are unparalleled while also following basic SEO practices.