About Us

Hey, I’m Taha.

I started The 8-Bit with the intention of keeping up, getting inspired, and most importantly- having fun with technology. But it wasn’t fun until you guys were involved.

That said, I love getting up each day, excitedly researching, learning, curating, and finally, writing stuff for you. Stuff that I know matters to you and me.

The early days of The 8-Bit were a bit rough, especially since I wasn’t able to channelize my focus on a particular topic. Then, in December of last year, I finally decided to pivot my resources and energy to writing about Apple. This decision emerged from the realization that I had been crazy for Apple since the beginning; kind of like having expertise in it. This translates The 8-Bit into a website that chiefly focuses on stuff going on around Apple and its products. We have soared ever since.

The 8-Bit has been substantially growing in terms of monthly visits and page views since May last year. And I intend to keep it growing. The 8-Bit likes to inspire people with guides, reviews, lists, choices that fall into Apple’s ballpark. Many people benefit from our lists and guides and I hope we keep helping, inspiring people every day. Thanks!

You can contact me anytime using this form below: