Here are the 69 changes in iOS 14 Developer Beta 2

Contains mostly bug fixes with a few minor improvements here and there!

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iOS Developer Beta 2 is here. Apple is pushing the next iteration of iOS 14’s Beta to Developers as of now. The company did not release the Public Beta today. However, it is expected to arrive later this week.

The first Developer Beta marked the introduction of iOS 14, Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone’s and the iPad’s operating system. It features a lot of new changes including a new home screen layout with the ability to add widgets, the ability to set default apps, privacy improvements, and other UI changes. For everything that’s new in iOS 14, check out our previous list of everything that’s new in Developer Beta 1.

The latest Developer Beta doesn’t have many changes as second betas usually go. But it still fixes some silly bugs alongside some minute UI changes. Here is everything that’s changed in iOS 14 Developer Beta 2. Overall, the experience is pretty stable so far.

Here are the official release notes for Developer Beta 2.

Note: These changes have been accumulated from different sources and aren’t necessarily found by me. Thanks to everyone who unknowingly contributed. Keep refreshing this page as new items are being constantly added to the list. If anything remains left out or is incorrect, please let me know in the comments section below!

All the changes in iOS 14 Developer Beta 2

  • The weather widget will no longer continue to display Cupertino instead of your own location.
  • Haptic Feedback when interacting with media controls of the currently playing song.
  • Badge notifications in the Siri suggestions widget are now working.
  • The hands on the Clock icon are bolder.
  • New Files Widget.
  • The issue where the wallpaper appeared saturated is now finally fixed.
  • Widgets previously appeared distorted within the wallpaper preview while setting a wallpaper on the first Developer Beta. They’re fixed now.
  • New pill-shaped alert indicating Location Services being off.
  • Added ability to select default apps on HomePod.
  • The width of third party widgets is now fixed to match default system widgets.
  • The Calendar icon has an all-caps text displaying the day of the week instead of being only capitalized previously.
  • iOS 13-style transitions are seemingly back in iOS 14 Developer Beta 2.
  • The Trackers tab in Safari now works as intended. It previously didn’t for some users.
  • Apps in Developer Beta 2 can no longer access custom font configuration profiles.
  • You can now once again add the Home app button to the Control Center alongside the new Home Controls option.
  • Non-hearing aid devices no longer unexpectedly appear in the Hearing Devices Setting.
  • “Add to Library” prompt is now changed to “Remove from Home Screen” while adding an app to the App Library.
  • The 4×4 Battery widget no longer displays Battery Percentage.
  • Clipboard access notifications now include the device name from which the text was posted.
  • HomeKit Control Center tabs are now fixed where previously they were improperly sized on smaller devices.
  • The “Smart Stack” label is now capitalized properly.
  • The option to long press and move apps like Home, Watch, and Fitness to the App Library is enabled in Developer Beta 2.
  • You can now enable the handwashing indicator on the Apple Watch right from the Health app on your iPhone.
  • You can now choose when the playlist cover art animates from the Motion tab within Music settings in the Settings app.
  • The “Add Widget” button while adding new widgets inherits the accent color of the Widget.
  • New widget icon for the Notes app. There are also a couple of other changes in the widget: list of notes is now aligned to the left and the “More Notes” button is removed.
  • There is now a circle backdrop in emoji within Reminder lists.
  • Album layout in the Music app is slightly tweaked with spacing between the cover art and the music label.
  • There’s a larger widget size for the Photos app now available.
  • The Weather app now shows the exact location for where it shows data.
  • Siri commands now apparently display emojis correctly.
  • The Family Sharing icon under the Account tab in Settings is updated.
  • Custom recurring events functionality is now fixed and is once again functional.
  • The Home app no longer quits unexpectedly like it used to do previously.
  • Usage description text no longer appears bold in location prompts.
  • Alerts for congestion zones or license plate restriction zones are now restored.
  • The Maps app is now available to provide driving directions.
  • Using your Apple Watch or your phone, you can now grant the Maps app temporary access to your precise location while performing certain actions like finding directions.
  • The Messages app no longer alerts you if you’ve reached the maximum number of pinned conversations — which is nine.
  • Long pressing on Mail notifications now shows content within as expected, which is a feature that was broken in Beta 1.
  • You no longer need to force close an app to use the Scribble or Copy As Text feature after enabling a Chinese or English keyboard in Developer Beta 2.
  • Boost mobile customers can now receive incoming calls as expected.
  • Regular and emergency WiFi calling is now enabled in Developer Beta 2 for T-Mobile USA customers.
  • It no longer takes a few seconds to dismiss Screen Time after ignoring a limit.
  • Home automation that contains a shortcut will now function as expected.
  • The ability to enable speakerphone is now added to the compact Call Bar.
  • Non-configurable widgets now don’t show an “Edit Widget” option upon long pressing on them.
  • New data types are available while tracking mobility metrics.
  • Three simplified Wubi tests are now available.
  • “QuickPath now supports swiping English words on the Simplified Chinese Pinyin keyboard.”- Apple Release Notes.
  • Enhanced keyboard typing while typing numbers on the Japanese Kana keyboard.
  • CarPlay keyboard support has been added for more than 100 additional languages.
  • Autocorrection support now enabled for the Irish Gaelic and Norwegian Nynorsk keyboard.
  • Voice Control is now available for English (United Kingdom) and English (India).
  • You can now activate Siri or access Accessibility Shortcut using Full Keyboard Access.
  • The Sleep Mode tab now is now displayed in a Teal color when enabled.
  • The 2×2 Reminders widget now displays the first reminder from the predefined list instead of showing just the number of reminders before.
  • There are now three size adjustments instead of two while double-tapping Picture-in-Picture.
  • More than one Photos widgets on the home screen now show different featured images.
  • The now playing tab in the Music app on the iPad has a new animation while opening the app.
  • The wallpapers no longer appear faded.
  • New FaceTime and Phone icons within the Phone tab in Settings.
  • Siri suggestions within Spotlight Search now show an option to suggest that particular suggestion less on long-pressing it.
  • The Health app now has a new dedicated article on handwashing.
  • The time picker that was prevalent in iOS 13 in the Reminders app has been finally replaced in iOS 14 Developer Beta 2.
  • New “Sensor and Data” splash screen within Privacy settings in the Settings app.
  • The lightning glyph on the battery icon is enlarged.
  • The camera icon in the control center as a part of the new privacy dots feature in iOS 14 is changed and now features a FaceTime camera icon.
  • There are certain interface changes while editing a Smart Stack widget.

As it stands, it is expected that iOS 14 will be made official to the public sometime in September or October alongside the iPhone 12 and new Apple Watches.

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