Adobe Audition adds support for M1 Macs

Adobe has released a bunch of new updates for its Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro apps. The highlight of these updates is that native M1 support is coming to M1 Macs which means users with these devices will experience better performance and compatibility.

Adobe says “notable gains include faster mixdowns, audio effects rendering, and near-real-time updates in the Spectral Display Editor.”

It’s worth noting, however, that Audition on M1 Macs currently does not support EUCON control surfaces or CEP extension panels. CD burning is also not available alongside some video codecs.

Apart from that, Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro now also comes with a new Loudness Meter, which will replace the previous Loudness Radar and will transparently measure program loudness for full mixes, single tracks, or buses and sub-mixes. “The new Loudness Meter provides industry-standard ITU-based loudness monitoring for broadcast, podcast, and streaming media content,” Adobe says.

Another new feature in Audition is Strip Silence, which lets users easily identify and remove silent or inactive regions in recorded clips without losing synchronization in multi-track audio.

Premiere Pro, furthermore has added support for Text Gradients and adding colors to captions alongside improved caption trimming, Canon XF HEVC performance improvements, and support for DirectX display technology on Windows.

Adobe also recently updated its Premiere Rush app to support M1 Macs. While there are many adobe apps that still need to be updated to support the new architecture adopted by Apple for Macs, almost every popular one spanning Premiere Pro has been updated. Adobe does not disclose when it plans to release M1 support for Premiere Pro, however, it’s currently available for beta testers.

You can download Adobe Audition from Adobe’s website.