Apple says fix for M1 Mac Bluetooth connectivity issues imminent

Source: Apple

Apple today said that it’s working on a fix for spotty Bluetooth connectivity on M1 Macs, an issue that has been plaguing a bevy of M1 Mac users for a long time now. The fix is imminent and will probably come in the form of a macOS update.

M1 MacBook Pro, M1 MacBook Air, and M1 Mac Mini users have been facing Bluetooth connectivity issues for some time now. Third-party peripherals including mice, keyboards, and even Apple’s own products including AirPods and the Magic Keyboard abruptly disconnect from the aforementioned Macs due to this issue. Some users have also been facing entirely non-functional Bluetooth connections.

Apple responded to The Atlantic contributing writer Ian Bogost when he faced similar problems. He wrote, “Apple tells me a macOS fix is in progress and forthcoming just about anytime.”

Apple’s latest response on the matter confirms that the Bluetooth connectivity issues users have been facing on their M1 Macs aren’t hardware related and are fixable via a software update.

These issues have been disconcerting for users having them, especially since the latest MacBooks with the M1 chip only come with two ports. And those who intend to connect external displays and other accessories to those ports as opposed to keyboards and mice are blocked out from doing so.

There are temporary solutions, though. Users can use USB-C hubs to connect keyboards and mice that come with their own Bluetooth dongle. However, some report that even connecting external Bluetooth dongles doesn’t work for them. Ultimately, users can resort to using wired peripherals which, albeit limiting, can get work done.

Nevertheless, it’s good to learn Apple is aware of this issue and a fix is imminent. Let us know if you’ve been facing these problems in the comments section below and what you are doing in the meantime to fix it.

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