What’s different in Fujifilm’s Instax SQ6?

The first thing that you may notice when you see the camera is that it resembles something old. Well, you got it right.With a design reminiscent of the old Instagram logo, the Instax SQ6 produces prints at a 1:1 aspect ratio, sized 62x62mm. Images are said to take about 90 seconds to develop, with exact times depending on the ambient temperature. After all the Instax Series stands for Instant Photo Prints.

Shoot a picture and make a beautiful color print on the spot.

The new model sports a retractable lens, with a two-element construction and a focal length of 65.75mm, which equates to around 32mm in 35mm terms. There’s also a selfie mirror positioned on the front, and a new Selfie mode that automatically adjusts focus to help get a better shot. Selfies were the only thing that the old Instax cameras lagged in With the introduction of this mode, Fuji might finally overcome it.

The selfie mode looks promising

The auto exposure control functionality on the SQ6 allows it to set the appropriate flash levels for a scene, and it comes with three colour filters to fit over the flash, namely orange, purple and green, for creative effects.

The SQ6 also features Macro and Landscape modes, the former shortening minimum focus distance to 0.3m and the latter extending it beyond 2m. There’s also a double exposure mode to superimpose two different images on the same print.

Handily, the SQ6 also has an LED display that shows shooting information and allows for control of flash suppression, brightness and self-timer. There’s also even a tripod socket, should you wish to use one.

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The earlier models in the series have been a serious hit
The SQ6 can hold a maximum capacity of approximately 40 Instax Square 10-pack film packs with new CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries. It weighs approximately 392g without battery, strap and film pack.