Tesla Model 3 gets its own summon feature

Tesla's new summon feature

Tesla seems to be really focused on providing a true hands-free experience with its Model 3.

The autonomous car maker has enabled a feature called “Summon” for its consumers owning a Model 3. Fatigued by parking? Well, the Model 3 can now park itself just by the tap of a button. The user just has to “summon” the Tesla by firing up the app and tapping the “summon” button. Owing to that, the Model 3 will autonomously find a parking spot, maneuver, and power down all by itself.

Though, that isn’t all. The new feature also has the ability to open the garage doors and park the car in- everything just with a single tap. Tell me it isn’t great and I’ll make sure you never own a Tesla!

This is the latest feature the company has added to the car after its launch. The car company has been struggling to keep up with production goals lately. However, it’s good to notice that it doesn’t detriment its current user base. According to TechCrunch, the Model 3’s interconnected essence allows the company to add new features right off the bat- without having to physically associate in the update process. And that could make a Model 3 owner stick to the car for a longer period of time.

Such kind of technology may be gratifying, but it could also fabricate new issues since it’s entirely based off of automation. The connection, being vulnerable to exploitation and software failures could drive off potential consumers from procuring the car in the first place. As much as it’s appreciated, the company has been previously accused of a number of road mishaps involving automation failures. This could also be the case with the new Summon feature. Accidental dents and scratches while parking could be a thing with automation as well- may be more than traditional means.