The Apollo Intensa Emozione is a pizza you wouldn’t like to eat; straight out of Italy!

Apollo started out making one of the best raw hypercar the ‘Gumpert Apollo.’ Don’t worry if you didn’t get to know much about it because this time around Apollo didn’t come out with the ‘IE’ quietly. In Fact, They got too ‘Intensely Emotional’ or should I say ‘Intensa Emozione.’ Here I present to you most beautiful and raw hypercar in production right now the ‘Apollo Intensa Emozione’

What on Earth is This?

Well, we start with the most common question one would get on seeing this on for the first Time, ‘What on Earth is This?’ Like every other car company, Apollo decided to make a raw, lightweight, aerodynamically efficient and technologically advanced hypercar but one thing they didn’t do like any other company is the way they designed it. Inspired by little insects and marine animals so that it stays aerodynamically efficient and yet very beautiful indeed.

But what it has Got?

A 6.3 Litre naturally aspirated v12 engine producing 780 bhp and redline is at 9000 rpm mated to a 6-speed sequential transmission and a very clever suspension system. Now, 780 brake horsepower doesn’t seem a lot in the modern world we live in. But when the car weighs Just 1250 Kg and produces More downforce than Its weight (1350 kg at 299 Km/hr) to be exact, You Know it is a formula for insanity for the road.

How Fast is it?

All those aerodynamics, low weight, and that monstrous 6.3 liter v12 producing 780 Bhp and 759 nm of torque make this car go From 0-100 Km/hr in just 2.7 seconds up to its top speed of 335 Km/hr. It is said that track focused hypercars aren’t meant to achieve higher top speeds but 335 km/hr, I think should be Fine.

What about The Interior?

Well, interior or should I say cockpit is a Beautiful carbon fiber tub wrapped in the style of leather like a prototype racecar.

Isn’t it jaw-dropping?

Don’t worry if you didn’t like red, one can customize every visual aspect of the car to its own taste and style.

How Much is it?

Well, 2.3 million euros (18.5 crores INR) to be exact and its limited to just 10 Units. As with any other Italian limited edition hypercar its all sold out. If one wants a burger one goes to California, If one wants a supercar, one goes To Italy. And This Apollo just shows How True that Statement is. The “Apollo Intensa Emozione” which in Italian stands for “Intense Emotion.”