HomePod software 14.3 secretly added support for powering HomePod mini through 18W adapters

Apple has apparently added support for powering the HomePod mini through some 18W adapters alongside HomePod’s 14.3 software update that the company released earlier this month.

This means that users will now be able to use the 18W adapter that shipped with the iPhone 11 to power their HomePod minis. Despite the newfound ability to do so, Apple hasn’t updated its HomePod mini support page to reflect the change.

Prior to the 14.3 update, users wanting to power their HomePod minis with an 18W adapter were met by an orange glowing light on the HomePod, which according to Apple, means that the HomePod mini is plugged into a power adapter that’s not rated 20W (9V ~2.22A).

There’s a little caveat, though. Much like MagSafe, the HomePod mini will only accept power from 18W chargers with a specific power profile. There is no official word on what the power profile exactly is, which means you might have to struggle to find the 18W adapter that works. The one adapter that is sure to work is Apple’s official 18W adapter that shipped in the box alongside the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

HomePod mini powering through a portable charger
HomePod mini receiving power through a Cygnett Power Bank. Source: Reddit

Since the HomePod mini now accepts power from an 18W adapter, users on Reddit have also been testing it out with 18W power banks and they seem to work. This suggests you may be able to carry your HomePod mini along on trips. While it will lack WiFi access, you might be able to connect your iPhone with it using AirPlay 2.

This is especially good news for iPhone 12 users who have a limited number of adapters at home. They can now use their older 18W adapters with the HomePod mini and dedicate the new 20W adapter to the MagSafe charger alone.

Let us know if you were able to charge your HomePod mini with an 18W adapter in the comments section below.

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