[Update] Here’s a list of 8 new features in macOS Monterey beta 2

macOS Monterey

Apple today released the second developer beta of macOS Monterey, the upcoming operating system for Mac set to release this fall.

Developers who have the beta profile installed on their Macs will receive the update over-the-air. In order to update to beta 2, you need to click the Apple logo located in the Menu bar, click “About this Mac,” and finally, choose Software Update.

While the release notes of macOS Monterey beta 2 do not reveal much in terms of changes and features, it does tell us about a bunch of known issues and the ones that were resolved.

Despite that, there are some new under-the-hood changes that are worth checking out.

Apple also recently launched iOS and iPadOS 15 beta 2, and there were some interesting hidden changes that have trickled down onto macOS Monterey’s second beta as well.

Everything new in macOS Monterey beta 2

  • Apple said there were a bevy of new “Hello” wallpapers and a new “Hello” screensaver included with macOS Monterey. However, these weren’t present in the first beta but are now available.
macOS Monterey Beta 2 Wallpapers
  • The wording for IP address selection in iCloud Private Relay settings is updated.
  • The Memoji outfits are now available on macOS Monterey’s beta 2 as well after being enabled in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15’s second beta last week.
Memoji Outfits in macOS Monterey Beta 2
Memoji Outfits in macOS Monterey beta 2. Spot the odd row out.
  • The Maps icon has also been updated in the second beta of macOS Monterey after being updated in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15’s beta 2.
New Maps Icon in macOS Monterey and iOS 15.
  • Safari now displays a refresh button when you hover your mouse pointer over the end of the Smart Search field.
  • macOS Monterey beta 2 can now be installed using an official IPSW file, previously not accessible for betas.
  • Shortcuts are now scriptable in macOS Monterey beta 2.
  • Creating a new Quick Note now has an updated interface.
New Quick Note creating interface in macOS Monterey Beta 2