You may have to pay a recurring subscription fee for Final Cut Pro in the future

Final Cut Pro Subscription Illustration

Apple currently sells Final Cut Pro at a one-time purchase fee of $300. That may change soon as Apple seems to be planning on offering the popular video editing software at a recurring subscription fee.

According to a recent amendment in a 2016 “Final Cut Pro” trademark in Europe, first spotted by PatentlyApple, Apple has added a Nice Classification number 42 to the trademark, which covers the Software as a Service (SaaS) category.

In other words, the amendment paves the way for Apple to offer Final Cut Pro as a subscription instead of a one-time purchase.

It’s unclear if Apple would pursue this path at all, but the changes to the Final Cut Pro trademark suggest there’s a chance.

Microsoft and Adobe are two popular examples of SaaS. The former offers its suite of office apps at a monthly and yearly subscription while the latter is well-known for offering a multitude of media-related applications such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more.

Nevertheless, if Apple chooses to go down this path, how users perceive the change will be dependent upon the subscription pricing the company sets for the software. Currently, it’s only available at a flat rate of $300 and promises regular updates. If Apple sets the subscription pricing too high, it could upset a lot of users.

Ultimately, on any condition, a flat rate is always better for users than a subscription as the latter option continues to withdraw money from your wallets for years, and service stops once you stop paying for it. In other words, the software is never truly yours.

With a one-time purchase fee, users can enjoy service, compatibility, and updates indefinitely; as is the case currently with Final Cut Pro.

A recurring subscription fee, however, is an excellent way to sustain a business and maintain the inflow of revenue, which is why almost every company and app developer is switching to a subscription model.

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