Apple provides Epic an indefinite extension to continue including “Sign in with Apple” support within its apps.

Apple has provided an indefinite extension for the termination deadline it gave Epic for the “Sign in With Apple” support. Previously, Apple had said it would terminate the support for Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” feature within Epic’s apps and games.

Earlier, Epic provided guidelines to help users retain access to their Epic Games accounts. Even though Apple has extended the termination seemingly indefinitely, Epic says it “still recommends you prepare your accounts now for “Sign in to Apple” approval.

If Apple’s “Sign in to Apple” support is terminated, Epic users using the feature won’t be able to sign in to the app or its services anywhere, unless they update to a standard email address and password. Epic is also offering the guidelines to update your email address and password with Epic in an FAQ.

Epic and Apple are currently amidst a legal battle that initiated that when Epic updated its app to direct users to its own payment system and away from Apple’s. Epic followed with a lawsuit and Apple retaliated. The feud has seemingly also grown into a social media drama as well.

“Sign in with Apple” is a feature that Apple released alongside iOS 13 that allows you to easily sign in to apps and services without giving away your personal information like your email address. It was widely appreciated when Apple released “Sign in with Apple.”

However, with Apple retracting support for “Sign in With Apple” for Epic, developers aren’t able to make peace with the service thinking it’ll cause trouble in the future.

Recently, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney ranted in a Tweet stating Apple has “lost all sight of the tech industry’s founding principles.”