Android P Review: It’s never too late to understand!

We did a post on Android P Developer preview back in March. Now that it’s launched officialy, let’s get into the details!

Google launched its Android P beta version at it’s Google IO 2018 held between 8th to 10th may at Shoreline Amphitheater, California.

Currently Android P is available on handsets such as the Google Pixel and the Pixel 2 family, Nokia 7 plus, OnePlus 6 and Vivo X21. In the upcoming months it will be available for all other devices.

Now let’s talk in detail about Android P and its specifications.

Android P basically works on three main aspects.

  • Intelligence
  • Simplicity
  • Digital wellbeing.

Notification panel.

Image result for android p notification bar

Here we are able to see the notifications icons in a different way. All the notification icons are seen in the form of circles. Below those icons, we will receive our notifications. And main highlight is that the notifications we will receive will be in the form of card style as we can see in the picture.

  1. Settings menu.

Image result for android p settings menu

The new Settings menu comprises of all the colourful icons. They are all round in shape now, and most importantly, the whole drawer looks a lot cleaner now! (Samsung, you need learn a lot from this). Also, in front of these icons you will find their description. This was another smart move by Google.

  1. Navigation bar

Image result for android p navigation bar

The navigation bar here is a special attraction. Here we get two types of navigation bar. One is our traditional navigation bar with three buttons and the other one is a bit different. As this bar is not by default enabled, we have to go in settings -system-gestures-swipe up on home button-enable and the layout changes to a special kind of multipurpose button at the bottom middle of the screen. If we swipe up this button we will reach to recent apps list and if swipe this button to right we will cycle from recent app to previous app. Long press this button will open google assistant. Also the long swipe up will take us to our app drawer. Also we can copy and paste anything from recent app panel which is bit interesting.

  1. Adaptive brightness

Image result for android p adaptive brightness

It is the most useful option in this version. Go in settings-display-adaptive brightness to enable this option. According to our usage scenario, google automatically sets our brightness with the help of AI(artificial intelligence) which is perfect for our usage and with the help of which we can save our battery life.

  1. Adaptive Battery

Image result for android p adaptive brightness

Battery life here is tremendously improved with the help of AI. In this option we are able to view our current condition of battery, how is battery currently working, etc. according to our app usage, adaptive battery option provides us the perfectly optimised battery life for our phone. It works perfectly with the help of AI.

Now let’s talk about the updates which will be released in a few weeeks:

The Slice option is not currently available in beta version but according to the resources it will be made available in the main version.

With the help of it, for e.g. want to book a cab. So I will go in google and search for Ola. With the help of this option and if there is app support by Ola, I will get the option directly to book my cab in the search list.

Also google is going to add dash board app in the main version through which we will be able to see app usage, app usage time i.e., how much time we spent on each app, how long has our phone been on the standby mode and what all apps were active still then, how many times we receive notifications from the same app. Also with this app we will be able to set a particular time for an app usage. Once that particular time is done, we will be alerted by the phone via a notification to stop using the app.

To remind you, all these are the basic updates. Also we can see the internal improvements and we will also be seeing more interesting and exciting things that are yet to come in this new version of Android.

So this was all about the Android P beta which I felt important and interesting to be shared with you.

Thank you.