This is how you can replay a YouTube video automatically!

I am sitting in my bathtub about to have a pleasant, long bath. A specific detail about me, if you may ask, is that I love nothing more than good music throughout the duration of a nice, warm soaking.

I whip-up YouTube on my laptop and play “Falling in love, by Elvis Presley” repeatedly until I am done with the bath. It gives me immense satisfaction to listen to the soothing notes which wonderfully move in consecution. So much that sometimes, I fall asleep in the tub itself. Imagine yourself in this situation. Except, there’s one obstacle. 

You don’t know how to play songs on repeat on YouTube; if I’m not mistaken.

That’s probably why you’re here in the first place. 

But before I show you how, let me clear some confusion here.

I prefer YouTube against Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music streaming service. This is because YouTube not only contains almost all the original songs ever produced but also their covers, which, sometimes are much better than the original production itself. A perfect example is Zayn Malik’s cover of Elvis Presley’s “Falling in Love.” (Subjective)

So, if you prefer anything else, I suggest trying YouTube for a change. 

Here’s, however, the question you’ve been waiting for.

How do you replay a YouTube video without clicking the replay button?

Here’s how.


  1. Open YouTube and search for any song you would like to play. In my case, it comes in this URL:
  2. When the page loads, pause the video.
  3. Edit the URL in this way: Add “repeat” between “” and “.com.”
  4. This way, my URL will be:
  5. Press “Enter” after you finish editing. 
  6. Your video will now play on repeat. Just to be clear, it works for any video and not just songs. 

You can also perform this process on your smartphone. Just copy the link to the video, paste it in a browser, edit it, and boot it up. 

How to replay a YouTube video repeatedly?
Listen on Repeat’s interface

Comprehensively, how it works is quite simple. As soon as you add those extra string of letters between the original URL (“repeat”), it redirects to a website named Listen on Repeat ( There, in addition to repeating the video itself, you can also define a particular loop which you would like to repeat.

The website also maintains a history of your videos, presumably, using your device’s IP address. You can, however, also create a free account after which you will be able to save your videos for further entertainment. Listen on Repeat also recommends more videos similar to the videos you like to watch. 

I hope, now, you’ll find yourself more in the bathtub than in any other part of the house.