How to choose the best iPhone XR color for you

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What is the first thing you see in a woman? Similarly, for women, what is the first thing you see in a man? Out of all the peculiar replies, one common reply dominates this question. Dressing sense. Particularly, the choice of colors.

Phones work pretty much in the same way. Most people prefer to pay for design rather than features. And that is why Apple’s iPhone is primarily so popular. Especially, the latest version– the iPhone XR — which is available in an array of six vivid colors. Six! (White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Coral)

The iPhone XR isn’t much different from its higher-priced companions. It has the same internals, a similar camera with all the features that you can get on the $1000+ iPhone XS, and effectively longer-lasting battery life. The only catch here is that the XR has an LCD display as opposed to OLED displays in the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Having made that clear, there are a few aspects that could help you determine the perfect choice.

  1. Wear and tear
  2. Adding a case
  3. Show off quotient

1. Wear and tear

Thanks to glass backs, #iPhones starting from the iPhone 8 acquired the ability to charge #wirelessly. But the question here is: does it hold better in durability against aluminum? Click To Tweet

Glass is one of the most delicate materials you could have on a smartphone. Due to wireless charging purposes, although, glass backs are necessary.

Even then, the slightest misuse of the device could scrape a scratch, no matter how minute; as it always builds up to be a clusterfuck of scratches after a while’s use. That clusterfuck, however, can be overshadowed by the right background color. Thus, if you’re pondering over the title of this post, do consider this point.


Glass can also show signs of wear and tear. And the biggest example of such wear and tear is a scratch. The thing with scratches is that their appearance differs based on the background against which they are placed. A scratch is more clearly visible against a dark / black background than on a light background.

So if you decide to buy the XR and use it for years, white, yellow or coral is the best suggestion. The black, red and blue finishes show scratches much easier. And if you want evidence, consider iPhone 7 ‘s jet black variant. Its back was not made of glass but had a similar finish. And it was a scratch magnet.


Smudges are just as annoying as scratches. But the bright side is they don’t last long. However, if you want to use your iPhone after eating a donut, you might also want to decide the right color to make these smudges almost invisible.

Like scratches, fingerprints and smudges appear more prominent on most dark backgrounds. The black color, for example, is the best color if you ever want to flaunt a smudge-ridden iPhone. The colors on which the smudges won’t show up are coral, yellow and white.

P.S. This is a cool trick. Use this image as wallpaper to detect even the smallest smudges on any type of display:

2. Adding a case

You have an iPhone. It could be your most precious possession so far, even if it’s the cheapest model this year. And you wouldn’t want, say like, a 2-day old iPhone to inflict any damage upon itself. What are you doing? Throw it into a case. This is the basic tendency of people when it comes to iPhones.

However, putting a case on your colorful XR would be a crime.

Although if you still want to commit this crime in order to protect against external forces, you can get a transparent case. Here’s a pretty good one for the XR iPhone. And if you’re someone who doesn’t feel a thing for transparent cases, you can always opt for contrasting cases.

Like this one!

Simply put, if you want to slap a case on your XR, get a black one.

That said, let’s see for whom every color is meant to be:


White iPhone XR

Who is it for?: Someone who loves minimalism and cleanliness. Also, someone who loves white, duh!


  1. Appears clean, and sometimes flashy
  2. Will be really easy to spot.
  3. Appearance is more professional.


  1. Can catch dirt easily, imprinting a yellowish stain at the back.
  2. Too simple of a color.


Black iPhone XR

Who is it for?: People who don’t care about the appearance of their phones. Also, people who love black, of course!


  1. Exudes professionalism.
  2. Won’t show stains easily.


  1. Looks boring, to be honest.
  2. House for a ton of smudges.
  3. Not the best choice if you want to flaunt your new XR.


Blue iPhone XR

Who is it for?: People who want a change in color but don’t like exposing their iPhone much. Also, people who like the color blue. C’mon!


  1. Looks unique.
  2. Won’t be seen in the crowd much, thus a better chance to show off.
  3. Induces passion… seriously. No kidding!


  1. Won’t be seen in the crowd much.
  2. Looks a bit childish.


Red iPhone XR

Who is it for?: People who want to donate to help prevent AIDS, and those who wanna show some magnificence.  


  1. Widely attractive.
  2. Terrific color to show off your phone, and grab attention to yourself. 
  3. It helps people fight AIDS.


  1. It can bore you after some time’s usage. 
  2. Too bright a color to be on a phone. 
  3. It highlights smudges and scratches instead of hiding them.


Yellow iPhone XR

Who is it for?: People who love flashy colors, sunshine, and lemon. Also, people who love yellow in general.


  1. Enchanting. De facto a brightening color.
  2. Hides a scratch like a pro.


  1. Shows smudges to an extent.
  2. Too bright for a color on an iPhone. 
  3. Can highlight dirt acquired on invisible scratch.


Coral iPhone XR

Who is it for?: It’s a highly unique color, hence, it’s for everyone up for a change. Also, for people who like coral reefs as a color. 


  1. Can get girls, for sure.
  2. Alluring


  1. Can show smudges easily.
  2. Won’t fit in well with cases.

No matter what color you choose, its significance is only going to reduce at the end of the day. A few months later, you won’t even find the device attractive anymore. Although, that notion shouldn’t stop you from getting those luscious colors. Especially since iPhone XR’s usability and reliability are the de facto highlights.

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