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“No matter how many times I say this to you, you never understand,” I spoke to my mom. I felt irritated.

Something you must know about my mother; she is technologically inept. She doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer. You won’t believe it but she asks me if booting a computer requires the power switch to be flicked on. Yet, she’s the one that frequently suggests me to slap on a case on my iPhone; she must probably be concerned about my investment in a $1,105 iPhone XR*. I ignore this advice of hers, every time. But that day, I took it to a whole new level.

I was frustrated. Her constant nagging about putting a case on my phone had vexed me to the core. Hence, I left the house for an hour to get some air. (That’s something very unusual to do if you were me)

I loathed cases!

Now, the way I behaved could be justified by my beliefs in modern smartphone structural integrity. I used to think iPhones aren’t prone to scratches, nicks, and dents from minor incidents since they are advertised to be shipped with tough materials, durable screens, and with promises about durability.

So, I never believed; or rather I never learned to believe that smartphones couldn’t do well off without cases on them. As a matter of fact, I loathed cases. This belief of mine was fueled by the idea that smartphones look best in their naked glory, especially if it’s the iPhone XR.

“Listen to me, or else you’ll regret it when you’ll have to use a cracked screen for months on end,” my mom replied.

“I don’t want any more discussion on this; I’m always careful about how I handle my phone. If anyone’s gonna break it, it’s definitely not going to be me.” I declared and I left in anger.

Later that night, I was having a warm bath when my phone rang. It was my friend, as expected. I informed other people in the house from inside the shower: “Do not pick up the phone; let it ring.” Well, my mother kind of ignored that information and picked up the phone, however. The phone was placed on the ground, on white tiles in a corner of my house. I had to place it there because I couldn’t find a free spot on any of the charging points.

This meant that mom needed to bend to pick up the phone. Although it seemed to be an uncomfortable movement for her, she did reach for the phone.

Remember how I said if anyone’s going to break my phone, it wasn’t going to be me? Well, it wasn’t me.

Halfway in the process of getting back up again, the phone slipped from her fingers!

It was just about two feet in height, but since my ever so strong as marketed iPhone XR had kissed the ground, the drop completely devastated the glass back. I could still use it, but the fact that the most beautiful aspect of my phone had shattered into ugly shards made me resist it from then on. Getting a screen destroyed from a two-feet drop seems unbelievable but unfortunately, it’s true.

It all came back to me. My mom relentlessly asked me to put on a case to avoid any damage. But I paid no heed to that advice and rather put her off by convincing how careful I was. Also, my idiotic belief that smartphone marketing holds true in every instance made me suffer.

Getting a screen destroyed from a two-feet drop seems unbelievable but unfortunately, it’s true.

However, I got to learn this important lesson about a smartphone’s physical integrity by the most technologically inept person ever in my life: if you are confident enough you won’t break your phone, someone else will; intentionally or unintentionally. So, it’s always better to have a case on, no matter if you hate it.

Table Of Contents
  1. Why is having a case on your iPhone important?
  2. Guidelines for choosing the best iPhone XR cases
  3. These are the best iPhone XR cases you could ever get!
  4. Conclusion

There is more to the importance of smartphone cases than what my personal experience tries to convey. Having a case on your smartphone-specifically, on your iPhone-is important because of an array of reasons as discussed below. Here’s a table for quick navigation around the article. Feel free to use it.

Why is having a case on your iPhone important?

iPhones are delicate pieces of powerful hardware. They are made up of normal household materials like glass and metal, except they are strengthened using industry-grade processing. To top it all, they are expensive. They probably cost more than your average desktop at home.

iPhone X beauty of design.

While there’s a less chance of a drop destroying your phone, minor dents and scratches are what you should be afraid of. But you can fend off that fear easily with cases. More than they protect the phone physically, cases feed the abstract sense of protection you enjoy by buying them. That said, here are some surefire reasons you need a case for your iPhone.

1. Drop Protection to protect the beautiful back and front of the iPhone XR.

Sure, it’s a personal preference to use your phone naked as it was designed. But dreadful, heart wrecking drops are preference killers. While drops happen only on accidents, unless you are some YouTuber with a shit ton of extra dollars; because, for them, it’s not an accident but an experiment; your preference to use your phone naked will cost you. You will never slip your iPhone XR out of your hands carefully, making sure no damage occurs. It’s always going to be an accident, which means you will never know until it happens.

According to research authorized by T-Mobile, among the people who damaged their smartphone, 29 percent dropped it down the stairs. And if you had a phone that fits well in your budget but also looked as much spectacular, you might afford to drop and destroy it.

But fortunately; yet unfortunately for this matter, you own an iPhone and you’ve spent far too much money for it. It sure looks spectacular but you definitely can’t afford to destroy it by dropping it.

2. Protection from dents, nicks, and scratches on the iPhone XR.

iPhones are delicate. Even normal day-to-day usage can lead up to minor scratches and nicks. And minor bumps can lead up to dents, all if your iPhone is naked. Albeit, it’s paradoxical that even leaving a case on can lead to all this stuff. Inferior cases can accumulate dust particles between the glass back of your latest iPhone (up from iPhone 8) and cause it to scratch.

Now, if you’ve got an iPhone XR, imagine how the majestic Coral color would look under gruesome scratches! So, it’s only fitting to get quality cases. We’re here to help, though!

While nicks and scratches deem your iPhone usable still, dents carry the potential to damage the antennae bands in the chassis on the sides. I’ve had my iPhone 7 bumped to the ground before the iPhone XR screen-smashing incident and even though it was a small bump, a dent on the side-chassis somehow affected an antennae band. I couldn’t access any network anymore, and I learned about the cause later when I took the phone for repair. Thus, it’s yet another reason you get a case as soon as possible.

3. To protect your iPhone XR’s camera from scratches and cracks

The iPhone 4S was a fantastic phone. It had a flush design, sleek corners, and a superb form factor. The iPhone 5 followed that trend, albeit with enlarged dimensions. And the iPhone 5S after that. These phones also had one thing in common: a flat camera lens.

You wouldn’t want scratches right on your iPhone’s camera lens of all.

Sadly, iPhones starting from the 6 don’t have a flush camera lens. In fact, the lens on the iPhone XS/XR pops out to such an extent that the phone wiggles on a flat surface. This may be fun for your kid of 18 months, but it can affect the picture quality you achieve from the lens the next time you snap one.

You wouldn’t want scratches right on your iPhone’s camera lens of all. I mean, the camera on your iPhone XS/XR is probably the reason you bought the device in the first place. And having the slightest scratch on the focus of the camera lens could mean disastrous photos, forever. Thus, while looking for a case, you must understand the value of one that offers protection to the camera lens too.

4. Resale Value

Your iPhone is expensive. And I know I’ve brought it up multiple times in this post, yet it doesn’t get old. It is expensive. You’ve got to admit you have bought an overpriced phone. Although, the nature of a smartphone—an iPhone, particularly—is that it doesn’t last forever. You can use it for a maximum of five years before the software it runs stops supporting it; third-party apps give up; performance on that phone no longer makes you happy.

What do you do in a situation like this? Well, there’s always someone out there in the world wishing they’d had the thing you’ve got bored with; while you stalk on a newer seducing product. You sell it. If, however, your phone has a significant amount of damage inflicted on itself, no one will buy it for the price you intend to sell it for. But, even if there is no buyer out there, you can count on Apple. It runs an exchange program in which you exchange your older iPhone to get a newer one by paying the difference amount. Trying that could prove worthwhile.

However, once I took my iPhone 7 to exchange it at an Apple Store and handed it over for damage assessment. Surprisingly accurate, the store employee briefed me on the number of scratches, dents, and nicks I had on the device and gave me a price approximate. I, for sure, could have bought two Starbucks lattes from the money, but instead, I decided to keep the phone.

This wouldn’t have happened if I had put a case on it the whole time. I could have gotten the iPhone 7’s actual worth back and I could have bought a new iPhone. So, resale value kind of is a vaguely important reason to use a case. It’s simple. Use a case; get more resale value for the phone while selling it. Don’t use a case; cry about why your phone isn’t worth what price you bought it for.

Guidelines for choosing the best iPhone XR cases

We’ve known the importance of cases. This makes us eligible to understand the importance of choosing the best case for an iPhone XR.

Ask yourself: “What do I need to use the case for?”

Cases aren’t just a form of protection for smartphones. Well, they sort of are at the core but you can use them for much more. If you are someone who stays active; strolling around spaces; finding adventure, protective cases are what you want. But if you are a digital minimalist and use your phone only when it’s much needed, you need a simple case with an appealing design.

If you are a fashionista and love glitter, get a fashionable and glamorous case. If you are into business or have your claws sunk deep into the corporate world, needing to look the same is the key. So choose a case that looks corporate-y with extra functionality like pouches and card pockets.

If you are a nerd, get cases with additional functionality like a stand or a torch or something like that. Lastly, if you are a geek (and there’s a difference between a nerd and a geek), you can always go for custom printed cases that reflect what you love most. As for me, I’m a Game of Thrones’ geek and I would love a Game of Thrones-themed case. Whatever may suit you, all you have to do when buying a case is ask yourself: “What do I want?” Then use further guidelines to limit the options and eventually choose the perfect iPhone XR case for yourself.

It must have a raised lip to protect the screen and the back camera.

Imagine your screen dropping face first. Shattered yet? Oh, it will be!

Cases are of different types. Some fit the phone like a glove, while some leave some gaps for air to circulate. Albeit, it’s your job to make sure the case has an increased lip at the front while choosing one. An increased lip means the case will rise above the screen’s edges so that when it falls face first, the case absorbs the impact first; thereby protecting the screen.

The case should have the proper button and lightning port cutouts

What’s the meaning of a case without proper functionality? If you cannot access the buttons and the charging port on your iPhone XR properly, then the case is purely a disadvantage instead of a boon. It’s like having a hand but with zero muscular endurance. You know you have it, but you can’t even use it to lift a mug.

So, while choosing a case for your iPhone XR, it’s essential to see if the case has proper cutouts for the phone’s power and volume buttons. Also, make sure the lightning port is easily accessible.

Most of the times, however, you won’t be physically choosing a case. Instead, you’ll be sitting behind a computer screen and commanding it to display a slew of options. This means that you won’t know if the case has properly-sized cutouts. In this case, it’s helpful to read reviews, both from users and from the web. Usually, you’ll find out if the cutouts won’t be proper.

Although, as a pro tip, note that it’s best to watch reviews on YouTube instead of reading about it as the video allows you to properly examine the case in all its glory.

This step is, and I can’t stress this more; significant because some cases don’t have cutouts. Instead, they have mechanical buttons that extend to access the buttons inside. Mostly, I suggest you stay away from those cases since mechanical buttons have a high chance to become dysfunctional later with use. But if you are buying one of such cases, make sure you perform appropriate research first.

Case material should feel authentic

Cases aren’t just of different types; they come in different materials too. While the hard outer surface of the case may protect your phone from a fall, the same material on the inner surface may wreck it. This is because of a simple act of nature. Take this for an example: when water continuously flows over a rock, it eventually shapes its form. Something similar happens with smartphones. When cases that don’t fit or are made up of subpar materials invite dust particles into the crevice formed between the case and the phone’s back.

Albeit, this isn’t the height of the problem. It begins when the case doesn’t fit properly and it wiggles; making the dust in between scratch the phone’s surface. This won’t seem so bad the first day you put on that kind of case but with time, it will mess up the back. Hence, choose a case that fits properly with the iPhone XR. And once again, reviews are the best way to assure that if you don’t have the case in hand.

Most cases also have a special padding to protect the back of the phone. Look out for those.

Always pick the cheapest case you can get with the best qualities.

Let’s face it. Deep down, you don’t really care about a case. Even if you do; it’s momentary. You will eventually loathe your current iPhone case and will long for a new one. Thus, it’s only reasonable to buy the cheapest cases so that there’s no guilt while swapping them for new. But often, cheap is expensive. Most cheap iPhone XR cases come with at least one major side effect that may affect your iPhone over the long run. Now I know there aren’t many cases available that are both cheap and reliable, but I’ll help you find them down below in the top 50 iPhone XR cases list.

Additional features are your friend

A case with additional features like a buckle or a slit to put your cards in are always a treat to behold. They extend the primary purpose of a case to enhance your productivity. Cases that have pockets efficiently allow you to handle some loose money on you along with your credit cards. And that your phone is the one thing you use the most makes putting your credit cards and cash along with it only productive and at easy disposal.

Not only this, but some cases also feature stands. These help you perform entertaining tasks like watching a movie and editing a spreadsheet on your iPhone easy. Battery cases, in contrast, allow your iPhone to live extra. Moreover, wireless charging is slowly becoming the standard. Your iPhone XR supports it. So, consider choosing a case with wireless charging support.

The takeaway is; prefer a case that provides additional services other than protection.

Always have a tempered glass screen protector on

Regardless of a case, always have a tempered glass screen protector on your iPhone XR. It will help you in the long run in two ways. First, it will decrease the chances of screen damage through drops. Second, it will help determine choosing cases with the correct lip height. If the lips rise sufficiently above the screen protector, there won’t be any chance of error when you use the case when there’s no screen protector on your iPhone.

Buy the correct case

It happens. You buy a case thinking you bought it for your phone but it turns out to be for a different model. This could well happen with iPhone XR cases. It is the cheapest of the three phones Apple launched back last September. But it is aesthetically similar to the iPhone XS, which is the premium version of the XR. The only physical difference, except for slightly altered internals, however, is the camera.

The iPhone XR has a single camera while the XS has dual cameras. But cases often have similar shaped cutouts and it’s difficult to make out the difference. The only solution is to read the product label properly while buying the case. Although sometimes, chances are the case won’t be labeled truthfully. And the only way to get past is to buy from trusted brands.

Always choose a case that complements your iPhone.

You’ve spent $799. Probably more, if you are me. That’s not a price you must pay for a phone that people deem for a budget specific market. On top of that, the iPhone XR is also beautiful owing to the glass back and glamorous colors. And if I were you, I wouldn’t hide that pricey piece of glamorous technology behind the cloak you call a case.

Now that we’ve known everything we need to know about buying cases for your iPhone XR, it’s time to look at some options you could consider. Trust me, the sheer size of options in this list will blow your mind.

These are the best iPhone XR cases you could ever get!

Note: The cases are categorized into three categories for better comprehension.

Rugged/Tough Cases

Providing absolute protection from drops, nicks, scratches, and bumps; rugged cases are the knights that religiously serve your phone. These are the best rugged iPhone XR cases. If you want to add one to this list of the best rugged cases for iPhone XR, leave a comment in the comment box at the end of this post.

1. Rokform Rugged- $39.39


  • Soft core and hard shell.
  • Additional magnetic functionality that lets you stick your phone to any metal surface.
  • Fits optional accessories for Bikes/Cars, etc.


  • Bit bulky
  • Design is boring.
  • Covers the bottom of the Apple symbol at the back of the phone.
  • Wireless charging not supported.
  • Not waterproof

2. Labilus Rugged Shield Series- $12.99


  • Impressive and unique design.
  • 1mm raised bezels.
  • Thick TPU material that provides drop protection.
  • Supports Wireless charging.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-smudge surface.
  • Responsive external buttons.


  • Even though it’s a unique design, not many will like it.
  • External buttons could cause problems in the long end.
  • It’s kind of bulky
  • Not waterproof

3. SUPCASE Uniccorn Beetle Pro- $22.99


  • Military-grade drop protection.
  • Built-in screen protector.
  • Wireless Charging support.
  • Comes with a rotatable holster.
  • Raised edges.
  • Built-in Kickstand.
  • Bang for the buck.


  • Even though volume cutouts exist, sound may feel disintegrated.
  • It’s a bit bulky.
  • Contains responsive buttons that can begin malfunctioning with use.
  • Attracts some dirt and hair.
  • Not waterproof.

4. EONFINE Full-Body Rugged Case- $14.98


  • Slim, clear design intended to showcase the phone in its full glory.
  • Screen Protector included with the form.
  • Wireless charging compatibility.
  • Raised lip ensures screen protection from drops.
  • Pretty inexpensive for the kind of protection it offers.
  • Extensive drop protection.


  • External buttons hinder future reliability.
  • Attracts fingerprints and smudges.
  • The included screen protector glares a lot.
  • Reaching the silence switch is a bit difficult.
  • Not waterproof

5. X-Doria Defense Shield Series- $29.95


  • Military Grade Drop Protection- up to 10 feet.
  • Aluminum edges.
  • Clear case designed to display the beauty of your iPhone XR’s color.
  • Integrates a sound channel facing towards the user, not downwards; providing enhanced sound quality.
  • Spectacular design with an iridescent metal edge for the variant linked above.
  • Wireless Charging compatible.


  • The clear back panel scratches up easily.
  • Once installed, it is difficult to remove the case from the phone.

6. Otterbox Defender Series- $53.96


  • Multi-layer protection.
  • Intense brand value.
  • Contains port covers that keep debris out.
  • Includes a holster.
  • Increased lip offers screen protection.
  • Wireless charging support.


  • A screen protector isn’t included.
  • It’s extremely bulky.
  • Expensive enough to make room for second thoughts.

7. Zizo Static Series- $10.99


  • Enough capability to protect the phone from drops.
  • Fairly inexpensive for the kind of case it is.
  • Comes with a kickstand which can be used in both vertical and horizontal alignments.
  • Properly cut Lightning port entrance.


  • Funky; almost gaudy design.
  • No Wireless charging support
  • Design is flawed. The cutout for the Apple logo does not align and the kickstand protrudes a bit making the phone woggle on flat surfaces.

8. Vena Holster Rugged Case- $17.99


  • Military-grade drop protection.
  • Comes with a holster that swivels and also converts into a stand for the phone.
  • Raised lip offers protection to the screen.
  • Wireless Charging support.
  • Cutouts for the speakers and the Lightning Port are precisely cut.
  • Bang for the buck!


  • Tactile buttons that can fail with time and usage.

9. Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder- $49.95


  • Military-grade drop protection.
  • Wireless charging compatible.
  • Surprisingly slim design for a rugged case.
  • Lightweight.
  • Raised rubber lip to protect the screen from drops.


  • Slightly slippery.
  • Slightly overpriced.

10. Ghostek Iron Armor Rugged Case- $14.98


  • Withstands drops from 2 meters thanks to its Military-grade drop protection.
  • Wireless charging support.
  • Built-in kickstand helps with media entertainment.
  • Comes with a holster.
  • It’s inexpensive.


  • The metallic look is a gimmick. It’s just a polycarbonate covered with a metallic finish.
  • Bezels aren’t elevated enough to provide the screen protection from drops.

Slim/General Cases

Slim cases feed the inner design enthusiast in you. They let you use your phone without making you realize that you’re holding the phone in an enclosure instead of the phone. Slim iPhone XR cases are for those who don’t want a case but need one for a precautionary measure.

On the other hand, general cases are the ones that appeal the most. They exist for the sole purpose of wrapping your phone with a pretty design while also providing essential features in the most basic manner. General iPhone XR cases are for those who want elemental features without the glam and focus on specificity.

These are the best slim cases for the iPhone XR. And these are the best general cases for the iPhone XR.

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor- $11.99


  • Has a form-fitted and lightweight design.
  • Has a comfortable grip which is also fingerprint and smudges free.
  • Features military grade air cushion technology that provides protection from drops, though, not as much as a rugged case.
  • Wireless charging support.
  • Raised bezels, both at the front and the back of the phone to protect the screen and the camera lens respectively from drops.
  • It’s inexpensive for a case with a reputable brand name.


  • It has tactile buttons that can fail with time and usage.
  • Despite having a comfortable grip most of the time, the case still feels as if it’s on the verge of slipping.

2. Spigen Thin Fit- $12.99


  • It has a scratch resistant polycarbonate design.
  • Compatible with Wireless charging.
  • Supports magnetic car mounts through a detachable metal plate. Note that the metal plate makes wireless charging ineffective.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • Enough bezel elevation both at the front covering the screen and the back covering the camera lens.


  • The top of the phone is left uncovered, leaving it prone to nicks and dents.
  • Poor durability.

3. Surphy Silicone Case- $11.99


  • An excellent knock-off of Apple’s official Silicone case for the iPhone XR.
  • Its internal padding prevents your phone from sliding and protects it from abrasions.
  • Interesting color options.
  • It’s way cheaper than the official case.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Bang for the buck!


  • This case is a lint magnet.

4. Mkeke Clear Case- $11.99


  • Has a really comfortable grip.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • It has a simple, yet singular design.
  • Raised bezels offer basic drop protection.
  • It’s available in interesting colors.
  • Perfect for an iPhone XR since its clarity effectively showcases the phone’s color; maybe even enhances it a bit.
  • Supports Wireless charging.


No cons

5. Maidem Case- $11.99


  • Has a matte finish which fends off fingerprints and provides a good grip.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Good for entry-level case enthusiasts.


  • Feeble tactile buttons that could fray in the future.
  • Looks cheap and is relatively overpriced.
  • It does not have raised bezels both at the back and in the front.
  • Terrible drop protection.

6. A-Focus Glossy Smooth Marble Series- $9.99


  • Has increased lips to protect the screen and the back camera from drops.
  • It’s available in a wide assortment of marble-like patterns.
  • The company claims the print won’t fade ever.
  • Despite seeming a hard case, this one’s flexible.


  • Not compatible with wireless charging.
  • It’s a bit bulky.

7. OtterBox Symmetry Series Case- $29.99


  • The design is simple, yet elegant.
  • Raised edges provide adequate impact protection.
  • You get OtterBox’s limited lifetime warranty.
  • Contains convenient grips around edges.
  • Supports wireless charging.


  • Extended buttons may make them difficult to access after a while’s use.
  • Difficult to put on as well as off the iPhone XR.

8. i-Blason Glitter Case- $19.99


  • Offers drop protection; military standard.
  • It’s scratch resistant.
  • It’s cushioned corners protect from impact.
  • Comes with a built-in screen protector.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Comes in four beautiful designs.


  • The front screen protector is grainy and of subpar quality. Easily succumbs to scratches.

9. ULAK Case- $9.99


  • Offers all-around protection. (Not to be confused with 360-degree protection.)
  • Supports Wireless charging.
  • Raised edges offer additional protection.
  • It’s available in an impressive array of designs.
  • It’s a bang for the buck!


  • Has physical extensions for the volume buttons which could fail with time and usage.
  • The paint chips eventually.

10. Speck presidio Metallic Case- $20.10


  • Offers drop protection up to 10 feet.
  • Raised edges in the front assure screen protection.
  • Fair price for a case from one of the most valuable case brands.


  • The back is not made up of metal; it’s made up of polycarbonate with a metallic finish.
  • Does not support wireless charging.
  • Does not hold well to scratches.

Folio/Wallet Cases

Sometimes you need more from cases than just protection. In a world so fast-paced and constricted by space; where things are getting smaller daily, it’s difficult to handle items like credit cards and cash. The fear of losing them prevails. So, why not slip them into a smartphone case- an asset you never cease to carry or let’s say; couldn’t afford to.

Thankfully some brands modify their cases to add slots in its encasing which house items like loose money and credit cards. But those are just wallet cases. Cases that can both house daily stuff and provide executive protection are much more helpful. These are called as folio cases. For some, folio cases are the epitome of mankind’s evolution into a modern technological human race.

Here are some of the best iPhone XR folio cases. And here are some of the best iPhone XR wallet cases as well.

1. Amovo Folio Case- $25.95


  • Magnetic plate beneath the cover helps to stick it to magnetic sockets.
  • You can detach the wallet from the case.
  • It’s made up of premium quality vegan leather on the outside.
  • Padded edges prevent damage from impact.
  • The wallet acts as a stand too.


  • You need to detach the wallet from the case to charge the phone wirelessly.
  • Colors on the edges fade with time.

2. Zover Detachable Folio-cum-wallet Case- $35.99


  • It’s made up of premium top-grain cowhide leather.
  • The wallet is foldable as a kickstand.
  • The wallet is detachable from the case which means it supports wireless charging.
  • It has a magnetic clasp that offers extra protetion to both your phone as well as the contents placed in the wallet.
  • Buttons and ports are easily accessible.
  • It has a built in magnet which allows this case to stick to any metal surface.


  • It has no opening for the microphone for when you want to talk with the flap closed.

3. Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Feather-Light Rugged Folio Case- $39.95


  • It mixes hardcore protection with functionality; adding the wallet case.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • Very light to hold.
  • Military grade drop protection.


  • Tactile buttons can fail over time and usage.
  • A bit expensive.

4. Moshi Overture Folio Case- $44.95


  • Offers military grade drop protection.
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • The cover folds to become a kickstand.


  • Can only hold up to two cards.
  • A bit expensive.

5. Lupa Folio/Wallet Case- $18.99


  • Holds up to 3-4 credit cards and 4 bills.
  • Has a magnetic latch that prevents the contents inside from slipping outside.
  • Has raised edges for impact protection.
  • Supports Wireless charging.
  • Pretty inexpensive for a case with such functionality.


  • It’s made up of faux leather.


After around 5000 words so far, I cannot stress this enough but yet, I will say it once. Your iPhone XR, though less than the iPhone XS, is costly. And a case is important.

You’ve seen the best iPhone XR cases for protection; the best clear iPhone XR cases, and the best iPhone XR folio cases. They may serve a modified purpose, but from the inside, they are just encasings covering your phone. If you want to glorify your vibrant iPhone XR, buy a clear case. Need someplace to keep the stuff from your pocket organized? Find a wallet case. If you want a case just for the sake of having a case or because you liked the design on it, buy a regular case. You’ll eventually trash it once you see even the slightest wear and tear.

And it is only normal for a case to wear out over time. So before you beat yourself up over the illusion of a bad purchase, understand that just like your phone, the case also has a certain expiry date. And that even though it is marketed to be indestructible, it’s going to eventually. That’s just unfair marketing.

I repaired my broken iPhone XR. The process of getting it repaired was a bit exhausting because I was trying to cut corners to get the cheapest rate, but all it matters now is that I got the phone back… and I got to learn a valuable lesson. This lesson, my friends, might not be important for you in your day-to-day life. But with smartphones having gone far past the stage of ubiquity and into our personalities, it’s time we take smartphone protection seriously.

Cases are important, after all. And… your iPhone is expensive. Think about it.

*Where I live, Apple sells a 64GB iPhone XR for more than a thousand dollars because of import costs and tariffs. Speak of a phone intended to be for a budget market!