How to get out of an awkward situation by getting a spoof call on your phone?

This is the interface you'll have to go through when you'll tap the "Start Call" button.

Conversations are key. Everyone likes to converse with people around them. I bet no one will be able to live their life without ever talking to anyone. You have to talk to someone when you want something. You have to talk to someone even when you feel lonely. I think that’s the sole reason some kids at school feel depressed, cause no one ever talks to them!

Well, enough of this “Conversations are important” shit! Let’s have a real talk here. What if you are bored having a conversation with someone, maybe because it is the topic that is out of your interest or simply the person with whom you are talking to, is out of your interest. Either way, you will try to find a solution to get out from that awkward situation as soon as you can.Don’t fret, we have a simple solution here. Yet, it’s interesting!

This will be possible if you download this app named as Magic Dialer- Smart T9 Dialer.

Upon initiating this app, you will be presented with a normal dialer. Of course, the dialer is prone to its normal functionality. But, due to the strict app store rules, you can’t do stuff like this on Apple’s ecosystem. So, the fake calling interface is situated somewhere inside. You are going to know where soon!

This is the app’s initial screen when you open it:

The initial screen.

This is a normal dialer but something feels fishy here, guess what? Can you notice that there are two contact icons on your screen, one besides the blue dialer button and the other in the bottom navigation bar? Well, the one in the navigation bar below will take you to the contacts page and the one besides the blue dialer button is a fake button, which, upon tapping on, will take you to the ‘fake calling’ interface.


Press this button.


This is the fake calling interface

Moving further, if you’ll tap the “Start Call” button, you are going to see this screen:

This is the interface you’ll have to go through when you’ll tap the “Start Call” button.

As the text on the screen says, you’ll have to wait for at least 3 seconds before you’ll get a call. But at this step, you will have to remember one important instruction.


Do not turn off your screen at this point!


Well, after waiting for 3 seconds, you’ll get a call from your ‘Fake MOM’. And that ‘Fake MOM’ is going to be none other than a man trying to convince you that he is your mom. It’s fun at the same time as it is useful.

At the time of the call, your screen will look like this.

When mom’s calling, you’ve got to pick up!

Although, someone who is a pro at Apple-related stuff will be able to catch you at this point. Cause the calling interface is fairly different from the normal call interface used by default on iOS.  Well, the fun doesn’t stop here. If you tap on the answer button, some male personality will speak to you and say that he’s your mom. That’s the spice right there. This is one of the main reasons that I totally adore this app.

Say no to awkward situations!

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