How to enable the new dark mode for file explorer in Windows 10’s October update?

Microsoft unveiled a lot of new hardware at its event yesterday in New York. A new Surface tablet, new headphones, and a new surface laptop were the highlights. But, there was one thing that created a buzz at the event that wasn’t hardware- Windows 10’s October update.

While October updates to Windows aren’t usually considered to be a big deal, this October packs something different, especially since the new features that are announced involve a cloud clipboard, a seamless phone connectivity app, a new screenshot tool, dark mode for the file explorer, and much more.

The dark mode, though, has been one of the most anticipated features on Windows; heck, on every platform. iOS users have been rooting for it for an eternity now, Android users initiated a platform war just because YouTube on Android got its dark mode a few months after a release on iOS. And now it’s Windows’ turn to give its users what they’ve been asking for. And Windows did live up to people’s expectations.

There was a dark mode in Windows 10 even before the October update, but this change brings the darkness particularly to the file explorer- which is a new look. Although, a ton of people I know stay confused when it comes to enabling the dark mode after the update. It doesn’t come pre-enabled, that’s for sure. So, how do you enable it?

It’s simple…

Step 1: Open Settings

The toggle to enable dark mode is hidden somewhere in the device settings. Hold on to find out.

Windows 10 Settings

Step 2: Click on “Personalization.”

Click on Personalization. That’s where all the customization options are usually placed. In addition to enabling the dark mode, you can also change accent colors, lock screen and home screen backgrounds, and much more.

Step 3: Click on “Colours.”

Once you are in the personalization settings, click on the Colors tab in the left section.

Step 4: Select “Dark” mode.

In the Colors section under the “Choose your default app mode” label, select Dark, out of the two options available.

Step 5: Celebrate your new dark mode!

You might have successfully enabled dark mode in the file explorer. Enjoy your night!