Apple clarifies the apparent ability to set a ‘default’ music app on iOS 14.5 is just Siri intelligence

Source: u/matejamm1 on Reddit

Apple today clarified in a statement to TechCrunch that the widely reported iOS 14.5 feature that apparently lets you set a “default” music app is simply Siri intelligence doing its thing.

The feature was originally reported by Reddit users, and then circulated through major online Apple news websites.

Apple says that Siri learns from your listening habits which automatically improves the music selection process over time. For instance, if you regularly ask Siri to play music through Spotify, the virtual assistant will consider it to be a suitable recommendation for you the next time. This means that Siri’s suitable recommendation could change based on your behaviour.

Apple says it does not want users to be confused and think of the nuanced feature as a way to set Spotify or any other third-party music service as the “default” option.

While it’s most definitely an improvement, the Cupertino company did not disclose the feature in the iOS 14.5 Beta 1 release notes. So, naturally, users discovered it on their own and considered it as a new option to set default third party music apps, as it clearly seemed.

It’s worth noting that Apple does allow users to set browsers and email apps as default within settings, while there is no option to do so with a music service.

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