Top 6 best iOS apps for October 1st Week!

Apps, the one thing that makes our phones valuable. Think of a phone that you could just use for calling and sending an SMS…. That would be a nightmare in today’s times. The app ecosystem has grown so big that a competition has emerged between major tech giants like Google and Apple. Its based on personal preference of which ecosystem you choose to use. Personally, I prefer Apple’s ecosystem. It’s just perfect. App quality is top notch and Apple makes sure that you get constantly updated with your apps. As an example, Apple removed 32-bit app support in the App Store in iOS 11- Apple’s latest firmware for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod. So, here we are with the best iOS apps for the first week of October 2017.

1. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

This app, cum fun-machine is a colorful, and funky weather app with lots of great features. It has a unique way of conveying the weather information to the user. It has special characters that speak a certain dialogue base upon the current weather conditions. It claims to be very accurate in terms of weather data. If it feels like it’s going to rain, carrot weather will notify you the exact time precipitation is going to begin. Though, the precipitation alert feature is only available in US, UK, Ireland, and parts of Canada. Although, daily reports work worldwide. This app is also highly customizable, as you can change themes, the personal assistant that it offers or just stop all that stuff and have a 100% weather app in all. Also, this app now supports ARKit which has enable dit to provide Augmented Reality experience in its app. The app also acts as a game, much like Pokemon GO, where you will have to discover hidden locations around you.

Available for $4.99 in the US store and for Rs. 400 on the Indian Store




2. LookUP: An elegant dictionary


This app is completely a new take on the dictionary. This app uses augmented reality, neural networks, and machine learning all together to provide you with an immersive dictionary experience. You just have to point against an object to get info about it displayed on the screen. It also has a feature specifically for iPhone users i.e you can manually provide the app with an image and the app will intelligently recognize a dominant object and display its meaning to you. This app also provides you with ultimate customizability as you can change the theme based on day or night. Though, this app has a downside. It needs an internet connection to search for words.

Available for $2.99 on the US store and for Rs. 250 on the Indian store

3. Bitmoji


This app is a powerhouse for emojis. It lets you send custom animated emojis anywhere using the keyboard. The app has a huge list of sentimental emojis, just to make sure that you have one at the right time based on your mood. You can also dress your avatars virtually having options of dresses by various fashion designers in the real world. You can also make your avatar look like you with hundreds of aesthetics to choose from. Now, emotions flow better, as the app description says “Bitmoji is your own personal emoji”.

Available for free

4. Infiltr


Infiltr means “infinite filters”, as the app’s product description page says. At this point of time, I would like to ask you guys a question. How many filters does the most popular photo editing software have? Let me answer this by my own. Around a thousand. But, Infiltr has a staggering 7 million filters to explore. If you find the one you like from a database of 7 million filters, just save it to your collection. It’s that simple. Though, this app claims to be the only one out there that offers to edit photos, videos, Live Photos, and animated GIFs. Isn’t that mind-boggling with what you can do with just one simple app? It has many more options that you can discover.

This app is available for $1.99

Available for $1.99 in the US and Rs. 160 in the Indian store


This app is currently trending in every application providing platform where its developers have submitted it. It is currently famous among teens. Though, users of all age groups are welcome to use it. What it does is, it shares videos created by users, with a dubbed voice or a song. Users mainly lip-sync along with the sound that’s playing. Many people have earned great fame and fortune using this app. You can also collaborate with your friends to create what’s called a musical’ly. 

Available for free

6. Workflow

This app is serious business. It’s a powerhouse of data management and automation. Using this app you can automate your tasks to a high level with a number of options available in this app. With, just a press of a button, you can do most of your tasks that usually would take up a lot of tapping and time. For example, You can automatically upload your recent photos by just a tap, or log your weight. This app is so useful that it has its own Reddit community with a considerable amount of subscribers in it. You can browse from a list of pre-made applets that can do the task for you, or you can also design your workflows all by yourself.

Available for free

So, guys, this is all for this week.We will be back next week with another set of 6 best apps for that week.

Have a good day guys, and have a good time wondering with these apps.