iPad Air 4 to be available soon, according to new leak

Apple announced the iPad Air (4th Gen) at its “Time Flies” event that the company held on September 15. Despite the fact that other products announced at the event like the Apple Watch Series 6 were available for preorder just a few days after the event, Apple said the iPad Air would be available only “starting next month.”

Update: Mark Gurman also thinks that the iPad Air may land on shelves “sooner rather than later.” He mentions that Apple marketing materials for the new iPad Air 4 have started arriving at retail stores and that Apple could launch the new iPad tomorrow.

Today, hit-or-miss leaker Jon Prosser has come up with new information that suggests the iPad Air 4 could be launching as soon as this week. He wrote in a tweet, “get your iPad Air money ready.”

While the content of his tweet itself does not reveal the exact date the iPad Air 4 would become available, the timing of the tweet does. Since Apple said that it would launch the new iPad Air “starting next month,” it seems logical to assume it’ll be sometime very soon.

Prosser has had a mixed track record of leaks. He previously said that Apple would hold a press conference announcing new Apple Watches and the iPad Air 4, but it was instead an announcement for the September 15 “Time Flies” event. and We’ll update this post as we gain more information on this topic. So, we suggest you take this leak with a grain of salt.

The iPad Air 4 packs a ton of new improvements. It now features the same edge-to-edge design as the iPad Pro. Instead of featuring Face ID as a form of authentication, the new iPad Air hosts a fingerprint sensor right in the power button—a first for Apple. Moreover, the iPad Air now sports Apple’s latest A14 processor which even the latest 2020 iPad Pro lacks. However, it does not contain a 120Hz ProMotion display as the iPad Pro.

We’ve also written an in-depth guide helping you decide if you should buy the iPad Pro instead of the iPad Air 4.

Apple will be selling the iPad Air 4 when it becomes available starting $599. Currently, the company will only sell the WiFi version and not the WiFi + Cellular version due to lack of FCC approval. Apple says it could sell the latter when it gains approval.

Even though the iPad Air 4 isn’t available to buy right now, you can visit Apple’s online store to configure it beforehand, which could result in a faster checkout when the new iPad Air actually launches.

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