How to automatically colorize, generate captions, and enhance resolution on an image using Siri Shortcuts

Ever wanted to colorize your photos without hassle? Ever wanted to resolve its image quality? Ever wanted to have an AI do it all for you?

Well, thanks to Siri and the “Shortcuts” app that it powers for the iPhone and iPad; now you can use AI to automate how you play with your photos.

Although, as much as the Shortcuts app contributes to this amusing idea, DeepAI–an online AI service based on APIs–makes up for the better chunk. It offers a great deal of deep learning algorithms in the form of APIs for apps that need artificial intelligence to serve up some bravado and state-of-the-art functionality to users.

A Reddit user, however, has put DeepAIs API to good use, in the form of a Siri Shortcut. Its purpose is to automate your day-to-day photo editing process, and I’m sure it’ll baffle you the way it works.

Here’s all the things the Shortcut can do:

  1. Colorize a black and white image
  2. Generate an image caption based on the passed image
  3. Upscale and Denoise images
  4. Line sketch to image
  5. Receive generated images based off text input
  6. Exaggerate textures in images
  7. Predicts and labels the cultural appearance, gender and age range of the person in the image.
  8. Enhance the resolution of an input image.

And here’s how to use DeepAI in collaboration with Siri Shortcuts to automate photos on your iPhone and iPad.

How to set up a Siri Shortcut backed by artificial intelligence to automate your photo editing process


You will need to sign up to DeepAI on its website to get its API key. However, note that you only get to make 10,000 requests on the free plan.

Here’s the Reddit post explaining how to install it on your iPhone: