How to delete your social media accounts without the hassle?

I am like most users. I share a mutual feeling of wavering capitulation for social media websites that track my online shenanigans without consent. I am like you.

But sometimes, the conflicts we experience by corporations tracking us without consent are much less exasperating than our own inner conflicts. While this concept is highly subjective, it is true for most of us. At some point in your life, you are going to halt your customs and think about how the constant dissemination of social media disrupts your non-virtual, authentic lives.

It is also not malicious to mention the toxic state of such media. A state where companies, let alone people, track you; exceptionally. The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal associated with Facebook is a perfect example of such toxicity. Given all that, why would anyone desire to prop websites as such?

This, however, wasn’t the case when Facebook initially appealed us. We found a new way to interact with others, even with the knowledge of them being miles away. It brought real-life social interactions to the virtual world. And this was a breakthrough in the history of the internet, no doubt.

Now, the only way to distance yourself from this toxic dump involving misinformation spread by fake news, harassment, unsolicited tracking is to deactivate the social accounts that make you experience these.

Although, deleting a Facebook account, or for that matter, any social account—Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, etc—is overwhelming. There are usually too many steps involved that tremble you from reaching your goal—deleting/deactivating your account.

But, what if I say there is a way to do it in as few clicks as possible?

Here’s how to delete your social media accounts in a click.

I, personally, have reasons to not delete my Facebook account (my mother uses it to watch funny videos). But, for the sake of this tutorial, I am attempting at deleting The 8-Bit’s own Tumblr account.


  1. Go to
  2. Once the web page is loaded, you will see thumbnails of a number of popular social websites. These, usually are color-coded with white, grey, and black. White indicating an easy deactivation, while black indicating a difficult one.
  3. For the sake of this tutorial, I am going to choose Tumblr from the list. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to a detailed page explaining the deactivation process along with a “one-click deactivation” link. You must note, however, that the “one-click deactivation” feature isn’t available for every social network, especially the ones coded black.
  4. If there is a “one-click deactivation” button like it is for Tumblr, click on it. 
    How to deactivate social media accounts in a click?
  5. The website will redirect you to the login screen of the social networking site where you might have to enter your login credentials.
  6. It will ask to deactivate as soon as you log in. In my case, there is a big red button asking for confirmation to deactivate.
    How to deactivate social media accounts in a click
  7. You will be probably asked for your login creds once again. Enter them and you will be done.

Thank me later.