You will now be able to pause YouTube TV memberships.

In a pretty rare move by Google today, you are now allowed to pause your YouTube TV subscription instead of canceling it.

In an updated YouTube TV support page, Google says that you can now pause TV memberships. Although you can only choose to pause your subscription for up to 6 months, and your membership will be paused after the end of the current billing cycle. Further, when your paused state ends, you’ll automatically be charged at your normal monthly price for a new month of service, and that date will become your new billing date. A new billing date will also be viable from the date you manually resume your subscription.

However, it isn’t much clear so as to why anyone would want to pause their subscription. One reason could be to save the previous recordings until you resume the subscription. Speaking of recordings, they’ll also be deleted automatically after nine months.

Lastly, to pause your membership, fire up on a web browser. Then navigate to Settings- Membership. Click Deactivate membership – Pause membership under YouTube TV Membership.