Xiaomi Mi 8 to feature an ‘in-display’ fingerprint sensor.

Mi 8 in display fingerprint sensor. embedded fingerprint sensor xiomi mi 8

In a new leak yesterday, Xiaomi Mi 8 appears to be having an ‘in-display’ fingerprint sensor.

A video posted on YouTube displays a person unlocking what appears to be the Xiaomi Mi 8 using the ‘in-display’ fingerprint sensor. This epitome by Xiomi is to possibly catch up (or rather be the first one) with the latest trend in the smartphone market of embedding fingerprint sensors into the display.

Alleged Xiaomi Mi 8 under-display fingerprint sensor hands-on video

However, doing that could be beneficial for a plethora of reasons, out of which accumulating more screen-space is prominent. Apart from that, you get a phone which not only gives you more screen estate but also provides with the assurance that you won’t have to pick up your phone again and again just to reach your index finger to the fingerprint sensor inconveniently placed at the back. Leave all of that, the main perk is that it appears cool and futuristic.

Even though it’s a weird fact that Xiomi skipped the Mi 7 – probably to focus on the Mi Mix 2 and the Mi Mix 2S, both featuring gigantic; bezel-less displays, it’s obvious that the Mi 8 will be dubbed the next flagship by Xiaomi. The Mi 8 is also purported to have a 3D facial unlocking feature apart from the fingerprint sensor, 8GB of RAM, 64GB of Storage, a Snapdragon 845 chipset and a 4,000 mAh battery with support for wireless charging.

The video also ends on the user successfully unlocking the phone after a cryptic animation, displaying what appears to be Xiaomi’s latest version of its software skin numbered MIUI 9.

Though this isn’t the first time smartphone manufacturers have been successful in embedding a functional fingerprint sensor system into their respective smartphone’s displays, a perfect example is the Vivo X20, which was demoed at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.