These smart bottles will help you stay hydrated without costing a fortune!

We’re humans, right? That might make us creatures that intake food and water. These are two of the three basic necessities we require to persist on our planet. However, after years of evolution, we are now in a state where reliance is an essential object. Back when we were nomads, our primary reliance was on cattle and agriculture. Today, it is highly shifted to technology. We eat, sleep, and even fart with the help of technology. Drinking water with similar help shouldn’t be surprising. Here are the best, cheap smart water bottles to help you cope up with dehydration.

Why get a smart bottle in the first place?

I’m gonna spare you the biological advantages of drinking water since you can easily Google it. What I’m gonna share about is something that would profoundly help you achieve a better grip on your water intake.

There are two options today when it comes to storing and drinking water- a normal water bottle, and a smart water bottle. There’s a substantial difference between the two. A normal bottle just stores water for drinking later. A smart bottle amps up the game and personally serves it to you at the right time, based on the data it collects including the number of sips you take, the quantity of water, time intervals between consecutive drinks, etc.

Water with People in a meeting.

It is advisable for people suffering from water-related problems such as diarrhea, dehydration, etc. to monitor their water intake. And there’s no better option than having a smart bottle. Sure you could also manually track your water intake, but it gets monotonous after a while. On top of that, it is not accurate either. Who are we kiddin’?

Although, smart bottles aren’t only for people suffering from acute cases of diarrhea; perfectly healthy people are also entitled to enjoy the perks of having a smart water bottle. Some of those perks include fancy lights, Bluetooth speakers, and a whole lot more. Who wouldn’t wanna see colors jump at you while you take a sip? Who wouldn’t wanna carry a water bottle that also doubles as a speaker?

But why get a “cheap” smart bottle?

I suppose you already know about this. Humans have, for years, lived off of water from rivers and streams. Initial vessels for drinking water were made up of clay harvested from the shores of those water bodies itself.

Fast forward a thousand years and what do you see? Specially designed and precisely crafted plastic bottles rule the world. Although, there’s one thing that’s common between the nomads and us, yet today–water.

Water hasn’t changed since God-knows-how-many years, and it won’t change until the sky collapses onto the ground. It doesn’t matter what vessel you fill water in, it is going to taste the same. Similarly, a smart bottle may help you achieve a more balanced intake, but it sure isn’t worth spending excessive amounts of cash on, provided the fact that cheaper bottles host similar features.

What I’m trying to convey here is, if it were me, I would rather spend money on a pair of AirPods than on an expensive smart bottle. But a cheap smart bottle that has pro features is a needle in a haystack. Yet, here we are with the best, cheap smart water bottles you could ever find.

Things to consider…

Buying a water bottle should not be a daunting task. Choosing between technology, on the other hand, is a daunting task. But when technology converges with the simplest task of drinking water, the process ought to be complicated and labyrinthine.

Sure. Smart bottles are smart bottles. But that conflicts with nature’s rule that not everything is alike. Some bottles may have something that others may not, and vice versa. That thought brings us to a few aspects to consider, a few conditions to check in order to ensure you get the best, cheap smart bottle in the market right now.

1. Capacity

I’ve mentioned this before in this article, and I say it again. Bottles are just vessels to store water. But what makes bottles so great is our ability to, while manufacturing, tweak them to our advantage in any way whatsoever.

However, the first thing that you must consider while choosing any water bottle is its capacity to hold water. No matter how impressive or durable a water bottle may look from the outside, it will be disregarded if it doesn’t have enough space to hold water. I can speak the same for smart bottles. No matter how tantalizing its features may be, it will end up in the trash can if it doesn’t have the ability to hold enough water.

That brings us to the question: What is enough water?

There is no clear answer to this. But there is a scientific ballpark guess. On an average, you are expected to drink about 2 liters (67 oz) of water per day. That being said, you must go for a bottle which helps you achieve that goal. Well, it is next to impossible to find one that might hold 67 oz at once, but the bottle with the highest capacity is the best one to get, of course, in terms of capacity.

Smart bottles usually trade capacity for its features. Bottles which have a Bluetooth speaker attached to them conventionally have a smaller container. The folks that sell these kinds of bottles consider the “container” as an addition to the “speaker” instead of the other way around. But, it is likely that is not always the case.

In a world where one of our biggest problems is the globe heating up day-by-day, it is kind of a compulsion to stay hydrated every hour. How’s that going to be possible if you run out of water? This makes “capacity” the principal factor while choosing a smart bottle.

2. Smartness

In all fairness, how do you call a smart bottle one if it doesn’t flaunt the traits of technological smartness?

Thus, a smart bottle needs to be smart in order to show smartness. As vague as the preceding sentence may seem, it is surprisingly true. If you get a smart bottle with, say, no water intake tracking, indication, suggestive capabilities, you might as well refer to it as a Tupperware.

When technology converges with the simplest task of drinking water, the process ought to be complicated and labyrinthine.

A function to track water intake, suggest appropriate times to take sips, ask you to stop sipping; these are all things a smart bottle is capable of doing. But it is okay to have even one of these features in a bottle to call it a smart one.

Again, if you’re looking for a smart bottle, you must examine if it has the traits of “technological smartness.” A bottle that pairs up to your phone would be the best option since it is a point at which the smartness in a smart bottle reaches its full potential.

3. Aesthetics

Do you know why bottles made up of plastic are much dominant in the market as opposed to the ones made from glass? Because plastic is unbreakable, certainly, to an extent. It is at least much, much immune to breaking with a fall when compared to a bottle made up of glass.

Even though smart bottles are made up of plastic, they are not less prone to damage with a fall than glass. Why? Because smart bottles consist of electronic components fastened into their body. A fall may disrupt those components in a jiffy if the bottle isn’t layered with better protection.

Smart bottles usually trade capacity for its features.

Us as humans don’t have a grip I would die for, but let’s just face it; it’s natural human tendency to drop things. It is the things that we drop that ought to have a better grip to hold on to. While shopping for a bottle, smart or not, choose one with a better grip and a durable outer shell. This will ensure a longer shelf life.

While you’re at it, keep in mind to choose one with an attractive color, preferably red, so that you can flaunt it to people in the park. (A scientific fact: Red is the most attractive color, according to a study).

Here are some of the best and cheapest smart bottles:

1. Ozmo Watertight smart-cup hydration tracker.

In the world of smart water bottles, Ozmo is a brand that has secured its grip far below into the ground than any other brand.

Its products are usually of top-notch quality and this one, practically, isn’t different. The Ozmo Smart Bottle (that is what it’s called) has a lot of great features that define true smartness. It has, for instance, the ability to automatically detect if you pour in water or coffee into the container. This feat hasn’t been achieved by many smart bottle manufacturers, to begin with. The bottle then suggests a suitable drinking plan based on the drink you choose.

Best cheap smart bottles

Ozmo has also provided you with the hospitality of an app that links to the bottle to share useful metrics and data such as the amount of water you drink throughout the day. It suggests further steps to reach the rehydration goal, too. But, the bottle’s smartness doesn’t reflect only through its linkage with the app on your phone.

It has an LED notification system, which, when it detects you’ve stayed long enough without taking a sip, radiates in an orderly fashion. In addition to that, the bottle also vibrates in case you do not notice the LED blinking. But, all of these features require you to have the bottle in close proximity in the first place, which isn’t practical at all times. That is when the app seems useful.

So far, the metrics it has been able to examine have been extremely precise. And that is one of the features Ozmo openly taunts about on its website.

Now I sense what you might be thinking so far: What about the battery?

The battery on the Ozmo Smart Bottle lasts an impressive 3 days with a full charge. That is what the company advertises. In reality, it lasts close to three days, not exactly.

best cheap smart water bottles
Credits: Amazon listing for Ozmo.

Aesthetically, this smart bottle lives up to its name. It’s made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, which is a thermoplastic that helps the fluid in the bottle stay cool as it was in the first place. Similarly, if you carry hot coffee, it will try to keep it warm. But keep in mind, this does not make the bottle a thermos.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, the one caveat this bottle promotes is its 16 oz capacity. It is less than sufficient quantity for a bottle to uphold, especially considering the fact that it would take you 4 refills to achieve the daily goal.

The Ozmo Smart Bottle is available on Amazon for $70. Check it out!

2. IceWater Smart Bottle with Bluetooth speaker

I’m a social animal, and so are you. When the radio was a new thing, people loved to bring it to parks, parties, get-togethers, and even gyms. But, with the progression of time, the radio has been replaced by portable speakers.

Since you and I are social animals, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some music along to a morning jog, or biking. Because a prominent peculiarity about a speaker is that it catalyzes social interaction, no matter where you are. And Bluetooth speakers enhance that ability to another extent of portability. This allows you to listen to music (without bothering your ears by wearing earphones/headphones) almost anywhere, anytime.

Best cheap smart water bottles
Credits: IceWater Amazon listing

The IceWater Smart Bottle takes that quality of Bluetooth speakers to a whole new level. The bottle is a two-layered product; the top portion is the water container and the bottom portion is the speaker itself. Although, since the speaker lives with the bottle, I wouldn’t compare its sound quality to what Bose and Beats provide. But, as far as a morning walk is concerned, it does sound pretty good.

In comparison with the Ozmo Smart Bottle, this one has a better capacity to store fluids—22 oz. The outer covering of the IceWater Smart Bottle also has a solid finish and a sporty look along with a good grip. I wouldn’t, however, recommend mistakenly dropping the bottle even once since the speaker attached to the bottom of the bottle isn’t built for absorbing drops. There is, unfortunately, one more thing I detest about this bottle.

The manufacturers haven’t made it dishwasher safe, which means every once in a while when you would feel the need to wash it, you might have to do it manually. I’m sorry, but I just realized one last discrepancy here. This bottle doesn’t keep the water cold, either.

But what this bottle doesn’t do as a “bottle,” makes it up as a speaker. You can charge it using a Micro USB cable which is provided in the box. But keep in mind there is no adapter included. Speaking of which, the speaker has a battery life of up to four hours of continuous music playback. Above all, vaguely, the most important thing to know about the speaker here is that it is water resistant.

Best cheap smart water bottles
Credits: IceWater Amazon listing

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the makers of this bottle don’t intend to sell the bottle as the primary product. The speaker is the primary product in this case, and the bottle is rather present to add spice to the marketing strategy. One way or another, it is a delight to behold.

IceWater Smart Bottle is available on Amazon for $19.99

3. HydraCoach Plus Smart Water Bottle

If I were to describe this bottle in as few words as possible, I would say “it is from the nineties.”

I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying. If not, let me explain.

The HydraCoach Plus, instead of having LED lights, a connection to your phone, and advanced alarm technologies; has a regular, colorless LCD display which shows you metrics based on your drinking without having any ties with the internet, Bluetooth, or your phone. It relays a perfect situation of technology from the nineties, thus, “it is from the nineties.”

Capacity-wise, the bottle can hold up to 22 ounces of water, which is also a better quantity than what the Ozmo Smart Bottle offers. As for the smart part, instead of relying on a connection, it electronically tracks and calculates your liquid consumption. Additionally, the bottle provides sip-by-sip feedback and is extremely accurate.

HydraCoach Plus’ aesthetics are well formed, too. It has a dishwasher safe, highly portable and gripping outer body. The design appears to be mature, courtesy of the smart panel containing the display and control buttons; as together, they materialize an A/C remote.

As it is good, there has to be bad. And the bad aspect of this bottle is its inability to contain no other drink than just water. That, too, it can’t keep cold. It shouldn’t however, keep you from buying this bottle since its positive aspects overshadow its negative ones. The HydraCoach Plus, for instance, has a battery life of about a staggering six months, which will save you from the hassle of adding one more thing in your charging queue.

You can buy HydraCoach Plus Smart Water Bottle from Amazon for $40

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