These are the best Cryptocurrency apps for your iPhone and iPad.

Cryptocurrency Main

Cryptocurrency is currently at its all-time high. Countless people invested in Bitcoin when they were cheap. Then, those who remembered that they owned Bitcoins, sold it off when it became worth around $300-$400. But, those who forgot that they’d bought Bitcoins, sold them during the major uprise and earned thousands.

Well, it is a bubble. I feel like Gold’s gonna be of little worth after some more time. For people like my mom who have absolutely no clue what cryptocurrency is, bear with me. Basically, cryptocurrency is like a digitized form of currency that you can exchange. But, it uses cryptography to secure its transactions – just like one would protect their bank locker with a pin code. But, the codes required to secure cryptocurrency are long enough that they become difficult to hack into.

People also mine cryptocurrency just like you would mine gold. But, mining cryptocurrency is a completely different process as it requires computers with high computational powers to solve a computationally difficult puzzle. And just like a regular wallet used to store dollar bills, cryptocurrency has its own wallet called as Blockchain.

But, that’s not all that comes into the equation. Managing cryptocurrency can be a little difficult. Also, mining it can be more difficult. Although, fret not! Cause here we are with some apps that can make your journey with cryptocurrency easier.

Let’s pop the bubble.

1. Coinbase

To start off with cryptocurrency, you need something to store it. And Coinbase is proved to be the best cryptocurrency wallet out there. You can save litecoin, bitcoin, and ethereum in this wallet. Sending and receiving cryptocurrency is easy with this app. It also sports a cryptocurrency tracker which allow a user to track cryptocurrency with immense fluidity.

As most wallets, this app also lets you manage your transaction history, check the balance and view transaction details. It also helps you manage your private keys useful for transactions. Moreover, it allows you to browse the app in different languages.

Price: Free

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2. Coin Stats

Cryptocurrency app

Coin Stats is the best app if you wanna track cryptocurrency. It offers more than a 1000 cryptocurrencies to track and set alerts for over 20 exchanges. While it’s very important to know the status of the cryptocurrency you own, this app can be your best buddy.

Additionally, this app has a dark background which makes it easier on the eyes and on the battery life of phones having OLED screens. So, I bet it looks well on the iPhone X.

Price: Free

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3. CryptoTrader

cryptocurrency app

Basically, this app is a trading app for the cryptocurrency. You can view real-time market values of numerous coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. Its history viewer gives you a clear insight into all the past trends involved with cryptocurrency.

It also has EMA and MACD indicators which help you remain in the game.

Price: Free

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4. MobileMiner

Cryptocurrency mining app

While this app isn’t available on the app store, it can be sideloaded onto your phone using Cydia Impactor- a free tool made by the creator of Cydia, used to sign and install apps onto your iPhone/iPad.

This app is a portable mobile miner. It mines ethereum using just your iPhone’s/iPad’s processor. Although, I wouldn’t recommend using this app on your main device, as it gulps up your battery like a thirsty crow. In the long run, it can affect your phone’ performance as well as the battery. And you wouldn’t want all that to happen to the device that you use daily.

Since it isn’t available in the app store, it requires a PC to install it on an iPhone/iPad. Here’s how to install MobileMiner on your iPhone/iPad.

That is all for today guys. Hope you have a nice time tinkering with the cryptocurrency void. Make profits, stay happy! And if some problem prevails, comment below.

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