The best apps to look forward to in 2018

Best Apps for 2018

Yippee! It’s a New Year. Welcome to 2018. Smartphones launched in 2017 were amazing in their own senses. The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the phone which started all the ‘no-bezel’ madness. And it seems that more and more smartphone manufacturers are looking forward to advancing in that direction.

Although, with bigger screens, developers have to work extra to make their apps compatible with them. To make sure that their apps look good on those super-crisp OLED screens, newer versions of their apps are needed to be pushed to their respective stores. In this process, we, the users are sure to experience more and more versatility with the quality of the apps.

But, at the end of the day, the core functionality of the app matters the most. What the app can get done for the user is of utmost importance. By the way, 2017 was a great year for apps. Artificial intelligence found its way in almost all of the apps that are now being used by people. One can now do most of the things that it can imagine just by the touch of a fingertip.

Taking the reference of Apple’s introductory video to its WWDC 2017 Conference, what if apps vanished? You wouldn’t be able to call an Uber or order a cake for a special occasion. Life would be hell.

So, here is a list of 20 apps that can be useful to you in 2018. Use this moment to appreciate the work of developers that made your life easy.

1. Twitter

Considering this as a news app, live updates can be shared with people in the form of tweets. It can help in knowing emergency situations and how to safeguard yourself or just relax and read happy tweets from other people. I, personally am willing to call this app as my true news companion as I can get news without any media interference, directly from people who have witnessed the event.

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2. Quora

Pump all the questions that you will want to ask in 2018 into this app and you are sure to get some answers that will satisfy you. With a large user base ready to answer questions of any type, I never feel disappointed. Well, it could also prove to be a very good platform for your business/talent as it’ll show off your knowledge to other people and end you up in higher positions.

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3. Facts

This is the app that I clearly enjoyed having on my phone in 2017. As I’m a ‘Fact’ person, I love to read facts day and night. Facts never lead me to disappointment. It will be the same case for you. If you love reading random facts, this app is the best. It provides a user with daily notifications containing a single fact per day. Well, you can also open the app and read all the facts for once.

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4. HabitMinder

For those who have resolved to be a better person in 2018, maintaining good habits could be a huge task for there could be numerous distractions. Well, all you will need is this app that can help you track your habits and remind you if you are not maintaining them properly. You could create new habits such as reading or brushing your teeth, and this app will automatically send a push notification to check your status on your habits. If this doesn’t help you to become a better person in 2018, I don’t know what will!

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5. Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh is a fantastic app for those who are preparing for vocabulary examinations or mainstream examinations like SAT etc. It provides you with words and five synonyms as options. You have to tap on the correct synonym to advance to the next level. At the end, you can safely presume that you will be perfectly good with your vocabulary skills.

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6. Google Calendar

What’s better than having the best calendar to mark the most meaningful events for 2018 that are about to come. Google Calendar’s awesome design and better functionality not only is useful to a user but also one would like to especially fire the app and check their schedule just for the sake of enjoying its ambiance.

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7. App in the Air

App in the Air could be really helpful to track all your flights throughout the year as it contains all the information that you would like to contain when you’ve booked a flight. Also, with an additional purchase, you can get push notifications on your flight details such as delays and takeoffs.

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8. Magicplan

Planning to buy a house in 2018? Magicplan could help you in setting up the interior decoration of your house. Moreover, as the name suggests, you could consider this app as a complete house planner.

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With that crisp and clear OLED displays in your hands, I bet you won’t be able to live without a decent wallpaper. Well, you can get hundreds of high-class wallpapers from this app. Additionally, if you want to remove ads, you can perform an in-app purchase.

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10. CamScanner

Being a college student, I have to take notes all the time along with important documents that contain important notices. CamScanner helps me to capture documents in such a realistic way that not even an original scanner could provide. This could be a boon for students in 2018 who plan to digitize their education. Surely, digitizing and managing education digitally is a better way to learn new things. Go for it!

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11. Copied

The concept of this app is to manage what’s saved on your clipboard. Whenever you copy something on your phone, you can save the copied text/image to the app’s clipboard using its widget on iOS. Now, as soon as you require to paste the text that you copied two days ago, you just have to dive into the app and re-copy the thing that you copied earlier and paste it wherever you like.

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12. Zombies, Run

I absolutely love this app. If you are planning to lose that extra belly in 2018, there is no better app than this one to make it happen. It has a unique concept in which the app plays a podcast of a person speaking to you asking you to run as there are zombies after you (virtually). It indirectly encourages you to run faster and eventually tend to lose some belly. “Zombies, Run” is a perfect example of programmatical intelligence.

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13. Whatsapp

I know that I’m going to get a lot of mean comments for including this one on the list. But, I’ve added this here for a reason. Whatsapp, no matter how common for us, is still the first basic means of communication after calls and SMSes. One cannot imagine the world without WhatsApp on their devices. With new updates constantly pouring out of the WhatsApp division of the Facebook headquarters, it’s pretty clear that WhatsApp is aimed at replacing standard calling and SMS by the end of 2018.

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14. Yahoo Weather

Last year was a blow. I mean literally, it was a blow! Well, just like last time, if any natural calamity hits us this year, this app is probably gonna be the best option to get real-time weather status. Moreover, this app has a beautiful interface and displays weather with great accuracy. At least, Yahoo is good for something!

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15. Psych! Outwit your friends.

One of the best party games of 2017 could easily earn its spot in the best game to be played in 2018. This game has a quite huge and complex explanation to learn but as you go with the flow while playing it, I’m sure you won’t stop. This game is more fun if you play it with friends in a party. The number of people you play with, more of the fun you will experience.

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Well, this is all one needs to start one’s year with a perfect balance of fun, work, and health. I hope all of you have a nice year ahead.

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