The best accessories for your brand new iPhone X.

iphone X accessories

The iPhone X was announced on September 12 by Apple at its new headquarters named as the ‘Spaceship‘. The new iPhone was launched alongside the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus and sports an A11 Bionic chip, an edge-to-edge display and a cute notch at the top. The most anticipated phone started to ship on November 3rd and people are quite happy with the device. Mostly, Animoji has won the hearts of many people and people are sharing Animoji powered Rap videos too. Fun isn’t it.

So, your new iPhone X deserves something to nurture itself. A case may be, or a wireless charger so it never runs out of juice. To make up for that, we have arranged for you folks the best accessories available for the brand new iPhone X.

Here we go!

1. iPhone X AudioMate Smart Battery Case with 3.5mm Headphone Jack (4100mAh w/ Power Reserve Technology) Smooth Black.

You can call this case a life saver! This black-colored case is the best in class Battery case which has a battery capacity of 4100 mAh and can fully charge your iPhone X twice. The case also has a reserve feature. Its description says that this case automatically adjusts output to optimize battery performance. But the interesting part is yet to be announced. The knack is that this case also has a built-in headphone jack which allows you to use headphones any other than Apple’s originals that are present in the box. This accomplishes the task of charging your phone while listening to music just like you used to do before.



2. iPhone X Case, i-Blason Clear for Apple iPhone X Cover 2017 Release (Clear/Navy)

This case has a 3H certified scratch resistant rating and also sports fortified bumpers. This case also has a high front bumper which helps with drop protection. And along with this beautiful color, your phone is sure to stand out from the other iPhone X’s. Also, this case supports wireless charging. This case has colors on the side and is transparent in between which showcases the originality of pure iPhone X design.   ( :



3. Wireless Charger, Yootech Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus

This is a cheap and affordable wireless charger for your iPhone X. It is Qi certified as expected and does not contain an AC adapter in it. Of course, that’s the reason it’s cheap. This chargers unique design is also the main selling point and is currently trending on Amazon.



4. Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Compatible with iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X

Here comes Belkin, the most trusted brand for the iPhone. Belkin provides a wide variety of accessories for iDevices. This Belkin wireless charger supports fast charging with up to 5-amp power supply. Not only will it support your iPhone X, but it will support every other smartphone which has Qi-enabled charging. This product ships to most countries. Moreover, it is compatible with most slim cases with up to 3mm thickness. This charger conveniently shows you an LED when your phone is not properly aligned with the charger. This is the next generation charger for your next generation phone.



5. Fast Wireless Charger, CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S8 Plus S8+ S8 S7 S7 Edge Note 5 and Standard Charge for iPhone X iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus (No AC Adapter)

This wireless charger from CHOETECH is a standard charger for your iPhone X and has a large coil of which constitutes better charging. With this big coil, you can set your phone in portrait as well as landscape orientation. The charger gives you full freedom to use the phone while charging as it has various safety features which include avoidance of overcharging the phone and temperature control. However, this product’s product page recommends not to charge with a case on. Also, this charger is pretty cheap if you wanna go easy on your wallet after buying the expensive iPhone X.



6. TOZO for iPhone X Screen Protector (2 Packs) Glass Premium Tempered 9H Hardness PET Super Easy Apply for iPhone 10 work with most case Black Edge

With a screen so beautiful and best in class, the iPhone X deserves protection with precision. So, here we are with a tempered glass which is a 2.5 D glass and has a thickness of 0.2 mm. Enough with the numbers, this tempered glass is curved at its edges and supports most of the phone cases. TOZO also gives you lifetime warranty for these tempered glasses. There are two tempered glasses available in a single package.


7. OLEBR Apple Watch Stand Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand AirPods Stand Charging Docks Holder for Apple Watch Series 3/2/1/ AirPods/ iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7 Plus /6S /6S Plus/ iPad-Space Gray

What’s a home without your devices arranged properly? This dock helps you fulfill that dream and allows you to elegantly set your iPhone X, your AirPods, And all versions of Apple Watch. The 45-degree angle allows for the Apple watch to stay in night mode. It is perfect for AirPods and also features a good angle to set your phone on the dock so that you can interact with your phone easily while it’s charging on the dock. This dock has an elegant design which dates back to the iPhone 5S times where the edges were refined to make them look more shinier.



8. iPhone X/iPhone 10, 5.8 inches, Wallet Phone Case, Slim PU Leather Back Case Cover With Credit Card Holder for Men Women

We all need to carry some cash with us even in this digital age. Though, the fashion of putting money in your pocket is fading. So, people resort to many other things. We suggest you use this wallet case for your iPhone which has a golden accent on its buttons and sports all round protection for your phone. This elegant looking phone is sure to make you look like a fashionable corporate.



9. 2 in 1 Headphone/Charging Adapter for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X Sout Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Did you dream of charging your device along with reading your music? This cheap adapter is here to fulfill your dreams. It contains a charging port and a standard headphone jack which allows you to simultaneously listen to music and charge your device. Though this product is not specially made for the iPhone X, it can be used with the same. As with any other iPhone that has the lightning port.



10. Cell Phone Holder for Car, TORRAS Gravity Auto Clamping Air Vent Car Mount Holder for iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy, LG and more – Black

It’s hundred percent sure that you are bound to use your iPhone X in the car. Well, most of us do. So, we found this awesome cell phone holder for your car. It supports a vast variety of phones as you can make out from the title above. And it also clamps automatically to your car’s AC vent. The holder has added silicon padding on all sides so it won’t affect your phone’s structural integrity at all. Moreover, this holder adapts to a variety of road conditions and has a convenient hole at the bottom that helps in easily charging your phone without any hustle.



These are the best accessories currently available for the iPhone X. Most of these are available at very affordable prices without compromising their quality.

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