The 2020 iMac is probably setting a new precedent

Source: Apple

Sometimes underrated launches can go a long way…

Rumors had been running since last week that the new iMac was coming out with improved features for consumers. And there you go, on August 4, Apple announced a new, updated 27-inch iMac.

It doesn’t offer anything significantly new on the outside or on the inside. Still, here is why the iMac is a great deal.

From outside,the new 27-inch iMac doesn’t show much difference than the previous version.


  1. Up to 10-core 10th-Gen intel chip that provides 18 percent more improvement than the previous generation 8-core.
  2. Up to 40 percent ~ increase in the performance of creative software like Final cut pro, Logic Pro X, etc.

The performance of the device generally has a lot to do with the CPU of the device. In this iMac, the most important change is going from the 9th-Gen generation intel chip to the 10th-Gen intel chip and along with it providing a range of cores right from 6-core to 10-core for the consumer is beneficial.


  1. Around 50 percent better than the usual Radeon Pro 5000 series graphics 
  2. Giving an option of 16 GB for graphics for the first time, which is two times of the previous version of the 27-inch iMac 
  3. Around 40 percent increase in the rendering and processing speeds of creative software like Cinema 4D, Unity editor, etc.  

Although Apple isn’t known for gaming, they sure have great graphics and do their bit with respect to the professional editing arena. These graphic specs do fulfill a range of needs and this time they Apple has offered the largest storage option at 16 GB.


Nano-Texture is a display with low glare and better finish than the traditional matte finish, which allows better vision under the different lighting conditions for professional editors, colorists, etc. In simple words, there are fewer external distractions on the screen.

It’s the same display tech that’s offered as an add-on on Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

The nano-Texture display is an add-on that you can choose while ordering the new iMac. What’s interesting is that it’s not available as an add-on for the iMac Pro, which Apple also updated alongside the new iMac update. This suggests that Apple may be beginning to offer the regular iMac as a “pro” device.

1080p FaceTime Camera

Finally, a long due change that took place, the iMac finally comes with a 1080p HD front camera, which can be a good selling point considering the number of video calls that have ramped up in recent times. Along with all these upgrades Apple also mentioned that the new iMac has high fidelity speakers and studio-quality mics to complement the front camera upgrade.

With the anticipation of the completely new iMac with its own ARM processors that may come up in the near future, this one does come a little bit closer to the goal.


The new iMac is priced at $1799. Well, it does not come cheap. But this is an expected price considering the quality of updates this iMac has got. Additional points to note are that the 21.5 inch iMac will come out with SSD’s and the software update from Catalina to Big Sur will take place this fall!

Final Thoughts

It’s a bliss to see Apple announce a brand new iMac with better processors and other updates, but does this mean you need to buy it? For all those who wanted to buy the current iMac with the best of the specs, it’s here.

But for all those who have a few more grand and time to spare, you can wait until Apple announces its next iMac with ARM processors. Nevertheless, you can buy the new iMac from Apple.

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