Telegram app update adds support for iOS 14 widgets, automatically disappearing messages

Telegram iOS 14 Widgets update

The popular instant messaging app—and an alternative to WhatsApp—Telegram has been finally updated to support iOS 14 widgets and disappearing messages.

Currently, Telegram only offers two widgets: a chat widget that displays the latest message from the most important chats and a Shortcuts widget capable of displaying shortcuts of your most important chats.

iOS 14 adds the ability to place widgets on your iPhone’s home screen, allowing users to access parts of their favorite apps much quicker. The Telegram chats widget, for instance, makes it easier to delve into chats as you no longer need to open the app every time you want to jump into a conversation. You can do that right from your home screen.

Telegram’s Chats widget.

That said, iOS 14 widget support for Telegram was overdue, especially considering the fact that it’s usually the one to introduce new features as compared to other instant messaging apps.

Telegram has also introduced an option to automatically delete chats either 24 hours or 7 days after sending them. Facebook-owned WhatsApp also unveiled a similar feature recently letting users set messages to delete automatically after 7 days.

The new invite links feature allows users to create and manage invite links for groups using which other users can join in. The invite links can also be converted into QR codes that users can scan with their cameras.

The new invite links feature adds support for joining groups by scanning QR codes.

Telegram now also allows converting groups that are approaching the member limit into unlimited broadcast groups. The current group limit is up to 200,000 members.

This update could not have appeared at a better time as a lot of users are planning on shifting from WhatsApp to more secure instant messaging apps like Telegram and Signal, thanks to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. It offers a better incentive for people who were previously hesitating in fear of losing these features to finally make the switch.

The new update that includes these features is a part of version 7.5. You can read the full changelog below:


Auto-Delete Messages

• Set messages to auto-delete for everyone 24 hours or 7 days after sending.
• Control auto-delete settings in any of your chats, as well as in groups and channels where you are an admin.
• To enable auto-delete, press and hold on any message > Select > Clear Chat in the top left corner.

New Invite Links for Groups and Channels

• Create invite links that work for a limited time or a limited number of uses.
• See which users joined using your, or your admins’, invite links.
• Turn any invite link into a QR code users can scan with their phone cameras.
• To manage invite links, open your group or channel Profile > Edit > Invite Links.

iOS 14 Widgets

• Access your chats quickly right from your home screen.
• To add a widget, press and hold the wallpaper on your home screen > ‘+’ > find Telegram.

Groups with Unlimited Members

• Convert groups that are approaching the member limit into unlimited Broadcast Groups.

Telegram’s latest update is available both on the App Store for iPhone and Play Store for Android devices.