Smart Valley – A Place Where Dreams and Innovations Converge

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Smart Valley

The apprehensions that every aspiring entrepreneur faces while trying to get
her/his startup on global tech radars seems to grow exponentially with time.
The last few years have seen increasing competition and waves of
uncertainty have washed many a startup ideas off the shore.

Scams have rendered the industry risky for investors, too. While markets become
increasingly hostile to up and coming startups, Smart Valley – a Switzerland
based venture – seems to have finally cracked the code to startup success.

Smart Valley, a virtual Silicon Valley of sorts, essentially serves as an
effective tool for ICO project assessment and development – offering a
decentralized scoring system, expert advise, and ‘crowd wisdom’. Core to the
philosophy of this decentralized platform is the necessity of harmony between
three key aspects – experts, projects, and backers.

To help launch ICO’s that are secure and legal, Smart Valley will have an in-house
team of experts (Tech experts, Legal experts, HR experts, and the like)
whose services will be on offer to founders waiting to launch their projects.

To ensure that the platform becomes wholesome, Smart Valley will also have
investors onboard. The community of investors will look forward to financing
the most promising projects, perhaps the upcoming unicorns (startups with
billion dollar valuations that have immense potential to cause some serious
impact in the industry).

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of Smart Valley is its decentralized scoring
system which allows projects to be evaluated and scored on relevant criteria
by experts from across a spectrum of fields. Founders would be working
towards getting a good score on their projects as this is what would
eventually get them the investors. The higher your score; the higher your
probability of getting funded.

The community of experts also presents an opportunity to find jobs for
emerging ventures from across the world. Registering yourself as an expert in
a particular field would open up chances of being hired to be a part of a team
working on a project. By providing a single platform where projects can be
published with expert advice and attract investor funding on the basis of a
unique scoring system, Smart Valley manages to create a one-of-its-kind
ecosystem that could truly be game-changing.

However, the benefits don’t end here. Investors can cut some serious slack
by avoiding broker fees as the platform allows direct investment. The
assessment solutions that the platform offers help reduce any possibility of

Long-Term Visions

In the long term, Smart Valley is planning to finance specialists from across
the board and even launch some college programs. These moves will help
enhance the quality of incoming experts and tackle the dearth of specialists in
the DLT market. Training for these upcoming experts will be funded through
special trust funds that will be financed with money raised from transactions
by members of the ecosystem. A breakdown of these goals is as given below:

College Programs: College programs are mainly to address the shortage in
supply of specialists in the DLT market. The programs will also train
prospective experts to tailor them to the needs of the platform in particular.
These experts will be better equipped to function efficiently on the platform.

Online courses: Smart Valley is an adherent of the economic decentralization
philosophy and online courses would be core to any decentralized training
program. The unique addition in the case of Smart Valley, however, is the
focus on the distributed ledger.

Hackathons: Organising hackathons essentially serves as a test of theoretical
competence encourages cutting edge and hi-tech projects, enhance
professional performance & increase the proliferation of new technologies
across the IT industry.

The SVT Token Factor

The platform’s Free Token Place offers opportunities to obtain tokens from
member projects at the allotment event. Key points to keep in mind with
regards to Tokens are:

  • It is mandatory for every member project to make a pre-determined
    number of its tokens on offer at the Free Token Place; the number of tokens
    available must be higher than five times the number of funds allocated by the
    Financial Centre to fund the scoring of the incumbent project.
  • The value of the financial resources that a member project wishes to obtain
    must be at least USD 500,000.

Survival Rates of Projects

Survival rates of projects are a project’s chances to complete its ICO
successfully. The platform possesses a unique set of tools that enhance a
project’s probability of long-term survival and success. Some of these tools
include – informative videos of the ICO’s team leaders, compulsory
availability of an MVP or prototype, and the decentralized scoring system as
an indicator of the quality of the project.

The tools help the ecosystem members critically analyze the project,
accurately evaluate its potential, and predict its possibility of success. Smart
Valley is still a pretty new platform and the reviews online have hinted at the
possibility of it being the big innovative change that entrepreneurs have been
waiting for.

It offers a mixed bag of all the elements that a successful ICO
could hope to have and makes it decentralized and accessible. Discounts on
certain Tokens (up to 80%), incentives for scoring projects, and the job
opportunities it offers to prospective experts only make the platform more
dynamic and all-encompassing. Check out Smart Valley and see your project

For detailed info on the ICO, visit the official website of Smart Valley now: