Reliable leaker suggests AirPods Studio headphones will be up for launch during Christmas

AirPods Studio renders by Jon Prosser
Source: Jon Prosser/Twitter

There has been a lot of mystery around Apple’s highly-rumored AirPods Studio headphones. However, a new leak from a reliable leaker suggests they are coming around Christmas.

Reliable leaker @l0vetodream took to Twitter to cryptically reveal that Apple will launch new headphones later this year. In his exact words, he wrote “You’ll get a Christmas surprise from Apple (PS Winter exclusive, good for winter).”

While his statement may not give away the whole deal, we think it’s a puzzle that isn’t too difficult to solve. What’s something that’s good for winter (apparent context: something that protects you from the cold)? Couple that with the barrage of rumors flailing around in Apple world, and you’ve got yourself a clear answer: AirPods Studio.

In case you were wondering, the AirPods Studio headphones are supposed to be over-the-head headphones and would technically act as earmuffs.

When not functioning as winter apparel, the AirPods Studio are rumored to be Apple’s flagship headphones. These will have AirPods Pro-like features including Active Noise cancelation and Transparency modes.

As for how they look, an icon obtained from iOS 14.3’s beta revealed that they will sport a retro design with slim arms and a thick headband. Earlier this year, we also got a glimpse of how they might look.

Moreover, the AirPods Studio headphones were initially rumored to ship with interchangeable headbands and ear pads. However, a recent Bloomberg report suggested that Apple may be cutting down on those.

Furthermore, the same Bloomberg report also suggests that Apple is facing some problems with producing AirPods Studio headphones. Apparently, word is that due to the production issues, the headphones could see a delay in launch.

If today’s rumor is any indication, it’ll be a perfect gift for a lot of people this holiday season. And as it goes with any rumor, you’ve got to take this with a pinch of salt.

Apple also held a total of four online events this year and there are no rumors of any further events. If that’s the case, Apple might launch the new headphones via a press release or even hold a mini-event. If we’re lucky enough, we might even see AirTags launching there.

Since there’s a chance that @l0vetodream’s tweet could imply some other Apple product instead of AirPods Studio, we’d like to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments section below.