Pascal’s Wager becomes the first iPad game to add mouse control support

Pascal’s Wager is probably the first iPad game to add mouse control support, as reported by u/AppleGamers on Reddit. allowing users to gain better control within games, especially in FPS and open-world titles.

Apple announced keyboard, mouse, and trackpad support for games on iPad at its WWDC20 conference alongside the launch of iPadOS14 and iOS 14. In an online WWDC session titled “Bring Mouse and Keyboard Gaming to iPad,” Apple explained to developers how they can go about adding keyboard and mouse support to their games distributed on iPads.

While a ton of developers already added keyboard support, mouse support was widely ignored up until now. Pascal’s Wager is apparently the first game to implement it. With this implementation, gamers can play Pascal’s Wager just like they would play a game on a PC with better precision and accuracy.

Giant Network’s Pascal’s Wager introduced mouse support in its update that was rolled out on the App Store a week ago. The updated version is numbered 1.6.2 and the changelog states “Added support for keyboard/mouse control on iOS 14 and later.”

Since support for keyboard and mouse is an iOS 14 feature, you’ll need to make sure that your iPad is updated to iOS 14 before trying it out.

Pascal’s Wager is a Dark Fantasy-style action role-playing game with decent graphics and a considerably good soundtrack. It’s worth checking out, especially now that it supports mouse controls.

You can download Pascal’s Wager from the App Store using this link.