Overhead headphones vs in-ear headphones: What should you choose?

Music is a vast industry. No matter from which nation you are, what race you are from, what place you are from, you can always listen to good music. Music is a kind of antidepressant that is with you at all times. In the late 70’s, people used to listen to music using a gramophone, or a mini tape-recorder. But they kind of worked as speakers instead of providing users a more personal way to listen to their music. Over the years, Apple unveiled its first iPod which was revolutionary in its own way!

It featured a more portable design along with a good build quality. I remember how good it felt having the 4th Gen Silver iPod touch. However, the iPod also apparently brought about the usage of in-ear headphones. And then after some time, overhead headphones were launched into the market. So, there was a mix of people that used either the in-ear headphones or the overhead headphones.

Skipping a decade, you can notice the variety of headphones available now. You’ve got Bluetooth in-ear as well as overhead headphones. The evolution has stretched to such an extent that headphones are now designed based on the type of activity a person does. For example, if you’re into sports or fitness, there are special headphones that cling to your ears using a hook and don’t fall off no matter what. When, if you’re a heavy commuter, there are Bluetooth headphones that make it easy to manage your commute by decluttering all the wiring.

Although, the question here is whether what type of headphones to buy? Specifically, in-ear or overhead headphones, no matter if they are wireless or have a cord? Well, let’s find out. Keep reading!

For whom are in-ear headphones perfect?

In-ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are special and portable. You can easily plug them into the phone or simply connect them to your phone using Bluetooth. Now, everyone’s ears are designed in a different way, though not so different. But different enough that the in-ear headphones won’t fit and would tend to fall off consistently. So, the in-ear headphones won’t be an awesome choice for such people. Additionally, if you have a pair of AirPods that don’t fit quite well in your ears, don’t even consider grooving to its beats on a busy commute. The in-ear headphones are more portable as well! You can roll them up and put it in your pocket. This is something you can’t do with an overhead headphone.

In-ear headphones are good for those people who don’t like the idea of having a huge arc over their heads. Also, they are an excellent choice if you think that overhead headphones are sweaty. Some users like me also feel that overhead headphones are harmful to one’s fashion statement. But, what you choose depends upon your personal preference at the end of the day.

For whom are overhead headphones perfect?

Overhead Headphones

If you don’t like your ears aching due to overuse of the in-ear headphones but at the same time also don’t wanna stop rumba on your music, overhead headphones are definitely the best choice for you. Also, contradicting my statement in the paragraph above, if you think that overhead headphones are a compliment to your fashion sense, then these headphones are the best for you.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your headphones falling off your ears unless you are a 2-year old baby. Now, the biggest winning point of overhead headphones is that they provide far better audio experience than in-ear headphones, as they also can fend off distractions to your music using noise canceling cups. Overall, they provide a much more immersive experience than in-ear headphones.

According to me, you should go for the overhead headphones if you don’t worry much about portability as they have more pros than cons, which is the exact opposite case while using in-ear headphones.

Again, It all boils down to personal preference.