Oppo and Vivo: What’s all the “Mess” about?

Indian tech markets have grown tremendously in the last decade or so, with a plethora of new devices coming out each year. It is no secret that Chinese mobile companies have amp-ed the ante in the past few years. From launching low-cost entry level smartphones initially, companies like Oppo and Vivo are now offering premium-level smartphones with the best of features as well as mid-range ones to suit all tastes.

Oppo and Vivo acquired a major part of the Indian mobile market. Although, the few factors that are responsible for their sale in Indian market are –

1. Marketing strategy


Both the companies have the same parent company i.e. BBK Electronics and hence they have the same marketing strategy. They provide approx. 13% commission to the sellers while other pays 5–6% and hence sellers try to sell these phones more as compared to other phones which are available offline (Samsung , Sony, Micromax etc.). You may have heard this humorous statement that “At every 500 metre in India, you will get to see an Oppo or Vivo Ad banner!”. Moreover, the salesman will brainwash you and leave you with the only thing in your mind, suggesting Oppo and Vivo to be the best phone to fit your life!

2. Advertisement

Advertisement plays a major role in the sale of these phones. The company pays a huge amount of money to shop owners only for advertising their product’s hoarding on their shop. Also, there has been a trend in India to launch each and every product by assigning a celeb-ambassador to the product line-up….. which in turn proves to be a boon for the company, as people in India have some sort of divine connection with the film industry.

The low budget price range and the effective marketing aggressively lures customers towards buying these phones.

3. “Megapixels” 

Indian buyers, in particular don’t focus on the inner technicalities of phone ( processors, sensors etc. In case of camera – aperture, pixel size etc.). The only thing that matters to them is whether how many Mega Pixels does the camera sensor have, without knowing the lack of proper software optimization for the camera’s interface and many other shitty things. These companies are taking full advantage of the amount of technical illiteracy in India. Yes, you can say that the back cameras of these phones are fair enough. Though, the images clicked and processed from the front camera look as if they were dipped in milk, making them over white-balanced and indeed, over saturated. Moreover, these phones have zero value for money as they provide you devices worth Rs. 5000 at Rs. 12000.

4. Overview
Although, many users in India love the products from Oppo and Vivo as they provide main functionality to the people that was never possible before…. such as contacting people with Whats App and many other mentions not to mention.

5. Conclusion
Other companies like Xiaomi , One plus etc are far better from Oppo and Vivo but the only place where Xiaomi lags is advertisement and in case of One plus, its the price range in which they offer their phones. Oppo and Vivo provide a variety of mid-range phones whereas One plus phones are a bit expensive. In other words Oppo and Vivo have a green signal from the Indian user base! Though, my personal suggestion would be to give a go to other alternatives that are far more better than these….. One such alternative is Motorola. Post your thoughts in the comments section below and have a good life!