OnePlus 6 and the Bullets Wireless: Can they provide all the speed you need?

Yes, it’s an example of the figure of speech, climax. But here, it also signifies the actions of Carl Pei, CEO, and Co-Founder- OnePlus. Having worked with Oppo for a long time, Carl Pei had understood what it means to be a smartphone brand in today’s world.

He came, he saw, he captured

He understood that along with making a good final product, you need to also be able to push it out in the market in a way that people remember. And OnePlus has always been doing that. They were the first company to do an all-VR launch. The build-up to this year’s launch event needs no justification. Along with the events, the pop-ups provided the mass with an opportunity to buy the smartphone before anyone else and also getting their hands on it.

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2017 had been a significant year for the company. Earlier in the year, they launched the  OnePlus 5 which became the bestselling smartphone on Amazon, selling more than 7000 units per minute. And then, just a couple of months before their 4th anniversary, they launched the OnePlus 5T which also got a huge response. They went back to the old ways, meeting with their fans and users and creating together. OnePlus also became the most recommended brand in 2017.

OnePlus launched the much anticipated OnePlus 6 and also the Bullets Wireless, of which the rumors had been doing rounds for more than 2 years now. Justifying the time OnePlus took to join the wireless headphones race Carl Pei said, ”We don’t launch a product that’s already in trend until we think that it’s better than our competitor’s product out there in the market.”

Let’s talk about the Bullets Wireless.

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We did a post on how the wireless earphones could be like, a month back, and believe me it’s nothing like we all anticipated. It’s a lot better.

The Highlights,

  • 9.2mm drivers
  • Sweat and Rain Resistant
  • Magnetic Control
  • Enabled with Google Assistant
  • Dash Charge

Yes, they support USB-C fast charging(you can use any USB type-C cable), are Google Assistant-integrated, weather-resistant, and use the AptX codec for better Bluetooth audio quality, but they’re not the “truly wireless” in-ear wireless buds you might’ve been expecting.

Regardless, they have specs that might make them great wireless headphones. On paper, OnePlus claims you can get five hours of usage from ten minutes of charging or top it off for five hours of battery.

The buds themselves are milled from aluminum, but more importantly, OnePlus ensured you can magnetically snap them to each other to avoid tangles. Also to add to the overall 2018 look 😉

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