New lavender and green color options for 2019 iPhone XR showcased in glass pieces

Renders created from these pieces showcase how the new colors may look

iPhone XR Yellow and Blue

Evidence for new lavender and green color 2019 iPhone XRs have solidified as prominent Apple insider Mark Gurman today has tweeted images of colored glass shards supposed to fit onto the new budget iPhones.

Last week, a supply chain blog report suggested the new iPhone XR will dump coral and blue colors for new shades, namely, lavender and green. Today, Mark Gurman has tweeted further evidence in the form of an image showcasing the new colored glass shards alongside the current black, white and yellow colors. These seemingly discarded parts were supposedly obtained from Apple’s manufacturing units.

As raw and as unclear an image of a complete iPhone XR in these colors may form in your mind, MacRumors has morphed the colors in the glass shards into renders showcasing how the new colors could look on the 2019 iPhone XR. You can observe them alongside black, white, yellow, and red iPhones.

The new colors look great but most won’t be happy with Apple’s decision to discard current color coral since it is attracting the most attention from buyers. The iPhone XR comes in different colors to differentiate itself from the iPhone XS lineup, however.

The new iPhone XR, apart from the new colors, is also rumored to sport some hardware improvements including a dual camera set up along with a nasty bump, while keeping the same design from last year.

iPhone XR is Apple’s most surprising iPhone providing almost every spec from the high-end iPhone XS by losing a camera sensor and a couple of hundred bucks. The iPhone XR is also admired for having better battery life than the expensive iPhone XS.