Best gifts to give your mother this Mother’s Day!

A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

Marion C. Garretty.

Our relationship with our mothers is one we cannot comprehend. Her love is eternal. No matter how hard you try, you cannot truly understand the nature of a mother’s love. No matter what, it stays unmatched.

It’s time to give her something in return, for all the things she’s done for you including giving you life. Here’s a quick gift guide with amazing stuff you can gift your mom to make her happy!

20-Page Photo Book


What better gift could there be than the gift of memories? It’s even better when it’s in the form of a book full of your childhood photos. This 20-Page Photo Book comes in a size of 8×8 with a laminated hardcover. Glossy paper pages with standard binding make this book feel nothing short of a regal experience. One page can allot only one image giving it a simplistic look.

As for the sourcing of photos, you can add them via Amazon’s Photos service. It’s safe, hence you don’t have to worry about privacy. You can also add additional photos up to 74 pages max. I seriously can’t think of anything else my mom would love more for this Mother’s day!

iPad Air 2019

The iPad is the best device for content consumption out there. It features a host of apps, games, and services on a 10.2-inch Retina Display that keeps you hooked. Couple that with its fast processor and a light form factor, you can easily breeze through whatever you want to do. It’s a great gift for reading, watching Netflix shows, and for video calling.

Apple AirPods

Everyone likes music, right? AirPods deliver a great music experience with a design that looks like Apple’s wired earpods but aren’t. It’s a really good gift since it can be easily connected to an iPhone and offers fantastic sound quality. Further, its gesture-based control system with Siri integration makes it the kind of industry-grade earphones everyone can use. A pair is available at a 20% discount currently on Amazon. Grab it while it lasts!

Beaune Wall Planter

Everyone knows how much moms love to plant! My mom, for one, is crazy for plants and she’d managed to make our house look like a tropical rainforest for a decent amount of time until she no longer could handle all the work. You can make your mom’s dream come true as well with Beaune’s Wall planter.

It’s a wooden compartment hung by a rope that houses medium-sized plants giving a rustic feel to the whole setup. What’s best about this wall planter is that it’s homemade and can be stained based on your preference, which makes it seem innate. You can also choose from a bevy of colors for the stand. Trust me, your mom is gonna love this.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular)

Apple Watch isn’t simply just a device. It’s become a phenomenon. Very few smartwatches compare to the kind of features this watch offers. Recently, an 80-year-old woman’s Apple Watch Series 4 in Germany detected signs of coronary ischemia using the ECG feature that was initially missed by the hospital’s own equipment. The degree of reliability Apple Watch offers towards its health features is unparalleled. It’s lifesaving! And I’m sure it will be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle’s Paperwhite E-reader is a great gift if your mom loves to read. It’s even better than physical books because you can store many books at once, has a sharp screen, is waterproof, and can stay on as long as weeks before dying out. Amazon also offers you the kindle in a higher storage tier—for 32 GB—meaning your mum can go crazy reading books!

VOCOlinc Smart WiFi Aroma Diffuser

Your mom already does so much. It’s time to help her relax. The VOCOlinc Smart WiFi aroma diffuser may be perfect for that purpose. It features customizability options, has an eye-catching design, and tasks like changing the LED lights and other updates can be controlled using an iPhone, thanks to HomeKit, or from any other phone using the app that comes with the lamp. A good smelling room is key to a happy mom!

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