Logan Paul’s return to YouTube: Here’s what you need to know!

Logan Paul, who started his YouTube vlogging career just a year ago, gained enormous amounts of viewership and yes, money! For those who live under a rock, Logan Paul is a famous vlogger on YouTube who acquires millions of views on his videos- daily!

His videos usually include him and his friends living their life to its full potential. At least that’s what we get to see. Sometimes he would post about him buying a Rolex, going to different places, pranking friends, buying cars, whipping up his bus- which he named “The CoolBus”, and motivating others.

As for me, he used to be my motivation. I would get up every morning and even before brushing my teeth, I would turn on my desktop PC and watch his vlogs. They used to be so inspirational before; until he got capable of spending enormous amounts of cash on random stuff. Well, I don’t have a problem with him spending ‘his’ money on stuff, but constantly showing off that to people was kind of getting annoying.

Later, he posted a vlog one day revealing the new house that he bought moving from an apartment. I felt massive respect for him when he encouraged people to not give up, to chase their dreams and that they could become whatever they want to be! It is because of him, I debuted this blog that I was thinking about starting years ago, but wasn’t able to because I had a fear of failure.

Watching Logan Paul becoming successful made me think that I could also be like him someday! Although, now I don’t think like that anymore. All of my inspirations related to him have faded.

And this is because of that event that almost destroyed, or rather boosted his YouTube career to new heights. For those who don’t know, on his trip to Japan, he visited the Aokigahara forest, also famously known as the “Suicide Forest”. So, this was a place where a lot of people would commit suicide every year. He entered the forest with the intention of conversing with ‘ghosts’. Although, he accidentally came across a body of a deceased person hanging on a tree.

But, instead of leaving that place, Logan decided to film the body. In a statement later in an interview, he said that he is a demographic and his content is not only aimed at kids. There are adults as well. Although, the fact of showing an actual dead body to adults is also messed up. Moreover, PewDiePie quoted that Logan Paul doesn’t seem to have a proper knowledge of his channel’s analytics.

This is because most of the views that he gets are from teens and kids under the age of 13. Coming back to the statement above, after filming a dead body, he did not give a second thought editing it as well. Only a person whose mind would be filled with greed would think to post such stuff. Not only that; during the video, he was kind of giggling along with his friends.

This was some of the criticism he faced:



There are thousands of such tweets. Although, after such a huge backlash from people, he posted an apology on Twitter that basically was all about himself. Additionally, he posted an apology video on YouTube as well. YouTube halted his ongoing movie- The Thinning 2 and removed him from the top tier Google ads as well.

That was it! We were not going to see another video from him, until a few days ago, when he released a video based on suicide awareness. And about today, he released some sort of trailer on his social media handles hinting at his comeback, which is today.

Yes, Logan Paul is returning to Youtube today!

This was his trailer:

This video of him, being an ape, marks his return to YouTube after such a huge mess that he had created. More than he should’ve, I would like to say that he at least ‘could’ve’ kept going on with his daily vlogs even after this happened, just like PewDiePie. Him, keeping apart from YouTube made me think that a man who used to give awesome life lessons in his vlogs, gave up after receiving some hate that he deserved?

One thought that again comes to my mind is, what if Logan did all this to gain even more popularity? Recording a deceased person, going offline for some weeks, and coming back again with full force. I’m pretty sure his video tomorrow will gain more views than he has ever gained before on any of his videos. There could also be a possibility that he has actually compensated for what he has done and truly wants to return to entertain people.

Although, money is all he’s gonna make.

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