Leaker says AirPods Studio will ship in two variants starting at $350 up to $599

Mock AirPods Studio Headphones

A new leak suggests the Apple-branded headphones will ship in two variants. It was previously known that AirPods Studio—which is what they’re supposedly called—would ship in a single variant.

Hit-and-miss leaker Jon Prosser took to Twitter to reveal that Apple may launch two versions of AirPods Studio headphones instead of just one. There will reportedly be a luxury version and a sports version.

The luxury version of the AirPods Studio headphones, of which we’ve seen leaked images beforehand, will retail for $599 while the sports version of the headphones will cost $350. If this turns out to be true, we’ve seen this strategy before. Apple sells it’s flagship Apple Watches in two variants that are characterized by different materials.

These headphones were initially expected to launch alongside new iPhones at Apple’s October 13 event. However, they are reportedly delayed and may not be announced at the event. Instead, a recent leak suggests that Apple would either announce them late October via press release or at another Apple event in November.

AirPods Studio will be Apple’s top-of-the-line headphones featuring most of the features present in the current AirPods Pro, including Active Noise Cancelation and Transparency Modes. They are also expected to sport Apple’s proprietary U1 chip that’ll be used to detect left and right ear positioning, which is useful for Spatial audio.

The AirPods Studio are also expected to sport modular earpads and headbands, much like the Apple Watch’s swappable wrist bands. However, now that the leak suggests there will be two models of the AirPods Studio headphones, it’s unclear which—or both—models will allow swappable pads.