It turns out you can use iPhone 7’s Smart Battery case with the second-gen iPhone SE

The iPhone SE sports a stunning processor packed into the iPhone 8’s design. The battery capacity, however, is 1821 mAh which undercuts the iPhone 11 with a battery capacity that’s almost double despite both devices sharing the same processor.

This causes certain battery implications for the new iPhone SE, though. In that, it may deplete faster while performing complex tasks. Adding to the misery, Apple yet hasn’t made available any battery cases for its new low-cost iPhone.

Surprisingly, per Nick Guy, a Wirecutter reporter, the iPhone 7 Smart Battery case works just as well with the new iPhone SE. Since the second-gen iPhone SE is ergonomically similar to the iPhone 7, the battery case fits and also supports the case’s smart charging feature (which charges the case and the phone simultaneously) along with widget and lock screen indications.

As jolly as this may seem, the case does not support wireless charging. The iPhone 7 had an aluminum body that is incapable of conducting induction, hence it couldn’t charge wirelessly. So, it comes without saying that since this case was produced specifically keeping the iPhone 7 in mind, it wouldn’t support Qi-enabled wireless charging, which is the norm for wireless charging on iPhones including the second-gen iPhone SE.

However, you can stay rest assured as the absence of wireless charging with the case on won’t probably bother you much. You can always take the case off. Instead, it will help you in situations when your iPhone SE 2 won’t be able to catch up with you by itself.

iPhone 7’s Smart Battery case features a 2365 mAh battery which gives you an opportunity to squeeze almost twice the juice out of your second-gen iPhone SE. The battery case also supports deeper integration with iOS with the ability to monitor battery levels of both the device and the case from the lock screen and a dedicated widget on the iPhone.

It’s not sure if Apple has a Smart Battery case specifically designed for the second-gen iPhone SE in the works yet. We’ll have to wait and watch.

Apple still sells the iPhone 7 Smart Battery case on its website for $99. Albeit, you can also get it on Amazon at a reduced price of $97.13 as of this writing.

Furthermore, you can check out alternative third-party battery cases that are originally made for the iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 8 in this post, which means some of them will be able to conduct wireless charging as well on your new iPhone SE.

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