iPhone 12 may launch early in South Korea

Extensive 5G support in the country will prove to be a perfect market for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup

Preorders for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup are rumored to begin October 16 after Apple announces it on October 13. However, a new report from The Korea Herald states that Apple might launch new iPhones in South Korea before the rest of the world.

The Korea Herald’s sources, which the publication mentions are telecom operators, state that the iPhone 12 will arrive in South Korea in “late October or early November.” This is unusual for the country as new iPhones usually arrive late as opposed to the U.S. and some other countries.

Last year, the iPhone 11 launched over a month later in the country when compared to the U.S. where the phone launched September 20.

The sources further state that Apple may be launching new iPhones in South Korea first because of the country’s already-thriving 5G telecommunications network and services. South Korea was the first country in the world to commercialize 5G telecommunications back in April 2019.

The upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max may be a perfect offering to people in the country since it’s expected to support higher frequency bands, which will likely take advantage of the 28 GHz bands in the country. It’s unclear if the high-frequency bands will be extended to the lower-end models as well. They are still expected to support lower-frequency bands, though.

Apple is expected to launch four new iPhones of varying sizes. There will be two low-end iPhones and two higher-end models. However, all models are expected to feature 5G connectivity and have OLED displays instead of IPS LCD. Furthermore, all new iPhones will have an updated design with flat edges just like the iPad Pro.

Apple may announce its iPhone 12 lineup in an event likely to be held on October 13. However, it’s worth noting that the supposed event date clashes with Amazon’s Prime Day sale.