Here’s a list of 42 changes in iOS 14.5 Beta 1

Apple launched iOS 14.5 yesterday and it comes with a ton of new changes.

The tentpole features include the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch while wearing a mask, global dual-sim 5G support on the Apple Watch, App Tracking Controls, more.

As is the nature of beta releases, many features tend to go under the hood.

That said here’s a quick list of all the changes in iOS 14.5 Beta 1.

Note: Main features are emboldened to highlight them from the rest of the features.

iOS 14.5 Beta 1 features:

New items are added to the beginning of the list for easy discoverability.

  • The add menu within the Home app is redesigned:
  • Play Next and Play Later icons within the Music app have been redesigned.
  • Added ability to unlock iPhone using Apple Watch while wearing a mask.
  • Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 controller support.
  • Global dual-sim 5G support on the iPhone 12.
  • AirPlay 2 support for Apple Fitness+.
  • Support for Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature alongside App Tracking controls in Settings.
  • Siri is now able to make emergency calls.
  • The Podcast app is slightly redesigned:
  • New “Made For You” section in Apple Music Library:
Source: Reddit
  • iOS 14’s icon themer does not work as intended anymore. Particularly, apps once again redirect through the Shortcuts app.
  • The Apple News app has gained a dedicated search tab.
  • There’s a redesigned software update screen:
  • Music metadata gains back marquee scrolling while playing music in the Music app:
  • iPadOS 14.5 now also displays the update screen horizontally:
Source: User u/fjordstorm on Reddit.
  • New software update screen within the Watch app, similar to the iOS software update screen redesign.
  • Apple Music now shows album release dates.
  • Apple Maps collections gain a redesign, bringing it in line with the design changes in the Music and Podcast apps:
  • The Reminders app adds new sorting options for lists.
  • Apple Maps adds replaces the “End Route” button with an accordion arrow that reveals more options when tapped:
  • Added support for T-Mobile’s standalone 5G network.
  • Next-hour precipitation data has been added to the Weather app in the UK and Ireland.
  • There’s a new option within settings called “Always Deliver” that lets you toggle emergency alert sounds to be controllable by the volume buttons/ringer switch.
  • The Send button now appears faded out within the Messages app while sending SMS when the text field is empty:
  • A new notification popup appears when an iPhone unlocks an Apple Watch:
  • Emoji search functionality has been added to iPadOS 14.5.
  • The interface for typing to Siri and sending messages with Siri has been redesigned.
  • New sounds for locating Beats in the Find My app.
  • New colors for Beats icons.
  • Minimal design changes when asking Siri to locate a person using the Find My app.
  • Internal code hinting towards Siri dictating traffic conditions when in a car.
  • Internal code hinting towards “Edutainment” plugins.
  • Internal code hinting towards upcoming financial health features in the Wallet app.
  • Internal code containing SensorKit UI facial and speech metrics.
  • Internal code revealing a new Shazam background process, hinting towards future applications.
  • Internal code hinting towards the possibility of Siri being able to modify contact entries in the future.
  • Internal code hinting towards new wallpapers.
  • Internal analysis revealing new diagnosis sounds for AirPods testing and repair.
  • Ability to add German Girocards to the Wallet app for Apple Pay.
  • Internal code reveals mentions of U1 chip pairing with cars, hinting towards future CarKey integrations.
  • Redesigned News+ tab in the Apple News app.
  • Internal code reveals upcoming support for using a single Apple Card by multiple users, most probably, members of a family.

We’ll add more to this list as we keep finding out more changes, thereby updating the final number.