iOS 11.0.2 released by Apple today, see what’s new!

Apple is well known for its ability to release software for iDevices older than normally the devices should be updated. This time’s no different. The tech giant never fails to impress us with each of its new firmwares. Dating back to June, Apple released iOS 11 with lots of new features. After testing it by a staggering 8 beta versions… each improving the user interface and fixing many other bugs, Apple officially launched iOS 11 on September 19th.

Just a week after, Apple launched iOS 11.0.1 (the official version) and the very next day- iOS 11.1 Beta. Though, two weeks after that beta release, Apple has launched iOS 11.0.2 (the official version). The update almost ads up to be o 300 MB.

Speaking of the new update today, there are many bug fixes and improvements mainly aimed at fixing bugs from the newly released iPhone 8. You might want to also read the iPhone 8 Review.

  1. Apple fixed the cracking sounds issue where a cracking sound would be heard when calling someone. People also took this issue to Reddit stating their views/complaints about the bug. The bug seemed very annoying. Indeed, it was.
  2. Also there was a bug that kept user’s photos hidden no matter what. This issue was also, thankfully, fixed by Apple in today’s update.
  3. The update today also fixed an issue where you couldn’t open attachments to a S/MIME encrypted e-mail.

Though, many bugs are still prominent. Some of them are listed below.

  1. The infamous 3D touch lag hasn’t yet been fixed. Gosh! It’s extremely annoying. It was one of the main reasons that made me downgrade to iOS 10.3.3.
  2. The bug in which the Bluetooth icon in the status bar always shows if it’s active hasn’t been fixed either.

Also, no one could comment on battery life so early. But, this post will be updated to comment on the battery life status of the iPhone after a day’s use. So stay tuned.

Well, this info was achieved from the Apple’s update flash screen. Though, we all are aware that there are going to be a lot of more new and interesting changes/features/bug fixes.

We all are probably just waiting for EveryThingApplePro to release his video!! JK.

Have a nice life!