Images of ‘AirPods 3’ allegedly leaked detailing AirPods Pro-like design and smaller case

Source: 52Audio

Recently, Bloomberg dropped a comprehensive report revealing Apple’s plans for the next-gen AirPods. Today, the Chinese website 52Audio leaked what are allegedly images of the upcoming ‘AirPods 3,’ giving us a better perspective on the previous report.

The leaked images fall in line with Bloomberg’s description of the upcoming AirPods. The next-gen entry-level AirPods will share a similar design with the current AirPods Pro. These will also have a relatively smaller case.

The allegedly smaller form factor of the upcoming entry-level AirPods case suggests that it will have a smaller battery than the AirPods Pro. The leak also includes the cockpit shell which is the topmost part of an opened AirPods case and it looks exactly like the current AirPods Pro.

The 52Audio report also speculates that the upcoming entry-level AirPods may be called AirPods Lite instead of the AirPods 3, which makes sense considering Apple’s current AirPods lineup.

Upcoming entry-level AirPods may look like the current AirPods Pro without the soft ear tips. Source: 52Audio

However, despite looking like the AirPods Pro and having a smaller case, the upcoming entry-level AirPods won’t have Pro features like Active Noise Cancelation and Transparency Modes.

Furthermore, today’s leak does not specify when Apple plans to launch the new AirPods, but provides further confirmation to the Bloomberg report that suggests it will be in the first half of 2021.

However, if these rumors turn out to be correct, the new AirPods Pro-like design of the upcoming entry-level model will be all the more enjoyable.