I switched to Cake browser for a week, and I’m not going back!

The ultimate cake browser review...

Cake Browser

The one thing you should know about me is that my curiosity levels are high, almost always. And I often find myself glued to my iPhone for the same reason.

When computers were considered to be the latest technological trend, there was little portability in their applications. Whenever you would want to get insights into a topic or just send an email, you would have to wait to get home to access that monstrous box with a screen that apparently used to overwhelm you with information.

But fortunately, progress has led us to an era in which a significant part of our life now depends on smartphones. In summary, smartphones are something that has made the process of acquiring information, among other things, much easier. This is the Cake Browser review you requested!

As for me, I used to use Safari to access the web when I wasn’t close to a laptop or desktop. It’s fluid, simple, minimalist; and the most important thing is that the job is done every time. It’s probably also one of the most secure browsers out there.

But, after some time using the famed browser from Apple, I got bored.

Then, I shifted my focus to Google’s Chrome iOS browser. However, I was also tired of that. Furthermore, I tried Mozilla. It had this weight that repelled me from it. Not to mention other browsers, I tried everything to make my research more interactive. I wanted to make collecting information fun, quick and interesting for myself. And neither of the mainstream browsers available for the platform (iOS) managed to get even closer.

Later, considering the reasons for the loss of my interest in research, I realized that it was not the browsers that inhibited my concerns; it was the way in which the browsing methods were laid down in the first place. But eventually, in my conquest to find a better browsing option, I found Cake.

Cake, in this case, isn’t something you devour by melting it in your saliva. It’s a full-fledged browser that revolutionizes the way you navigate. So far, we have experienced mobile browsers that are just a compact port of desktop browsers. No browser is directed to making the browsing experience unique for smartphones. But here is when Cake’s intervention shakes things up.

Cake Browser

Based in Utah, Cake Technologies Inc. is a venture- backed startup founded in 2016 that focuses on providing the best browser experience.

What is the most important function of a browser?-To search for things using search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. However, according to a 2016 Moz study, when searching a traditional mobile browser, it takes 87 percent more time to find and click on a relevant result compared to desktop browsers.

What Cake does is that instead of displaying a list of search results from search engines, it presents them in a loaded card format so that you can directly access the most relevant results. The next two results are loaded in the background, so when you swipe them over (as it is a card format), they are already loaded.


This way, you wo n’t have to scroll, scan or navigate back and forth while searching for your favorite animal. The people at Cake named this feature ” Index Suppression. ”

The browser also optimizes pages on its side to allow faster load times. This means that pages with a faster loading speed in a search result are given the most preference. So, even if a page ranks top in the search results in a traditional browser, it won’t rank first in the Cake browser if it doesn’t have the best load time and relevance.

Another notable feature of Cake is group search. It groups your search results in one media type that you choose. For example, if you are looking for earphones to buy, you can type the term ” earphones ” in the URL bar and then tap the shopping cart indicating that you want shopping search results.

The browser automatically displays all results from Google’s rankings that lead to shopping earphones. It also loads up shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. on the side, so you can always swipe over.


Cake browser, like its name, uses delightful colors across the app’s interface. Mostly, the app has a mix of references from Google’s material design and Apple’s huge titles, even on Android. Although there is a lot of information and links on the screen, the browser is designed in such a way that it doesn’t look confused.

Cake Browser

It is best if I describe this browser as a combination of Safari and Chrome, but on steroids. Overall, the URL bar and the settings elements are plain black and white, while the homepage is radically blue.


This browser plays an important role in terms of functionality. It contains a host of groundbreaking features that allow you to save a lot of time and also to saunter through the internet easily. I’ve already taught you the basic idea that this browser works around. So, here’s some more…

Curation tools

More than a browser, it’s a content curation tool. And this becomes prominent when you open the app. You will be welcomed with links for the top 5 trend searches on Google for the day.

When you tap them, you will be provided with articles that justify the trend result. For example, yesterday was International Cat Day, and by tapping the trend result, the browser loaded articles providing more information on the topic.

Cake Browser

Somehow, Taylor Swift ‘s cats already have a mention everywhere…


Slices is a pretty neat feature packed with the browser. Basically, it shows you the headlines from all the major websites, depending on the subject you select.

Cake Browser

How you do this, you open a new tab, tap the genres at the top of the Slices feature, and the browser will load the homepage of every website related to that genre. For example, if you tap ” Gaming, ” the browser will open relevant news websites such as IGN, Polygon, etc. It’s a great feature if you want to discover more websites and get to know different points of view.

AdBlock and Security

Cake browser’s core functions are similar to any browser available on the mobile app market. However, as I said earlier, the app is high on steroids. It comes with a built-in ad blocker that blocks ads on every website you visit. However, there is an option to disable the ad block only if you want to become generous towards websites.

Cake Browser

In addition, on every website, the browser indicates whether or not it has SSL encryption. This helps you to stay away from those that could potentially harm your data.


This browser supports customization on Android as well as iOS combined, unlike any other browser. First of all, you can customize which websites you prefer in terms of search results. For example, when searching for headphones, you first want search results from eBay instead of Amazon, you can change the preference in the swipe-down results after searching for a query.

On top of that, Cake also lets you change the app icon with about 20 options to choose from.

You can also decide upon which search engine to use, and you can change it anytime you want. But, the default is Google.

I’ve been using Cake for about a week now, and I don’t think I can ever go back to any other mobile browser, let alone Safari and Chrome. But that’s only if either Apple, Google or Firefox introduce the same or better features. Well, I haven’t told you about the best part about this browser yet: it’s 100% ad-free right out of the box.

It’s not always so sweet in Cake Land, however. One instance was when the browser faced connectivity problems, where pages would load painfully slow. Other than that, the app was as fluid as hell. And it certainly changed the way I browse, a way I could never have imagined.

Cake Browser is available on Android and iOS as a free download. Don’t miss out!

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