The HTC U12+ will likely be the best Android phone of all times.

HTC U12+ image leaks
Source: Evan Blass on Twitter

The HTC U12+ surfaced in a leak on Twitter today, and it seems to be the perfect Android phone to date.

Prominent leaker, Evan Blass popped in another leak today on his Twitter handle containing images and a complete spec sheet of the HTC U12+, that is scheduled to launch on 23rd of May. Even though the spec sheet has already been an acquaintance, the images are a fresh spill.

HTC U12+ image leaks
Source: Evan Blass on Twitter

According to the spec sheet, the HTC U12+ has a design detail listed as ‘Liquid Surface’. While none of us knew how exactly the previously described ‘Liquid surface’ would look like, the images indicate that it may be the translucent back of the device; emblazoning little bit of its internals.

Besides, the device has a fairly normal design as compared to other Android smartphones in the market, sporting a dual camera setup, a discernible microphone, a torchlight, and a fingerprint sensor. But that’s all on the back. The front portion of the phone is a bit offsetting as it does have prominent bezels on the top and the bottom, considering everyone else’s decision to pageant a notch- allowing lesser bezels.

HTC U12+ Specs Sheet
Source: Evan Blass on Twitter

The HTC U12+’s spec sheet is surprisingly vibrant as well. According to it, the ‘soon to be launched’ smartphone from HTC has pressure sensitive buttons and a touch feedback experience just as the setup available on the latest iPhones. Such kind of composition on an Android phone is long due, and thankfully, the HTC U12+ will have it.

Apart from that, an Octa-core Snapdragon 845 processor clocked in at 2.6 GHz, supported by a 6-inch, Quad HD, Super LCD display could possibly make this phone a flagship in competition with the iPhone. Although, it could’ve been called as the perfect Android device if it would’ve been speculated to have an OLED display.

Final Thoughts

The HTC U12+ seems to be a daily-driver material, but with certain details opposing the current trend in the smartphone market as of now, I doubt most consumers would consider buying it in the first place. In a period when even the iPhone has shifted to an OLED display, holding a phone with an LCD screen should feel disparaging.

Besides, what’s the point of having a blazing fast processor when you can’t enjoy it to its full extent? Having bezels on a phone at times of the bezel-less revolution seems kind of venerable and elementary in the exact moment.

However, the HTC U12+’s specs that don’t deal with the display show that the phone has a potential against other Android flagships. I mean, HTC this time, has genuinely heard people’s yearnings and included features what people have been asking for on Android devices since an eternity. And that is the only reason it could be called as the perfect Android smartphone.

Anyways, let’s see how it turns out to be when it launches on 23rd of May. Meanwhile, stay tuned and fire off in the comments section below!