How to watch Apple’s Arm Mac Apple event today

It's one of the most important Mac events in years

Apple is about to make history today by launching a couple of its first Arm MacBooks that will kick off the transition from Intel processors to Apple’s own chips. This transition has been long in the works and Apple officially announced it at its WWDC developers conference back in June.

The new MacBooks with Apple silicon will be based on the A14 chips that already exist in the latest Apple products like the iPhone and the iPad. These could be named A14Z or A14X. Rumors have been prevailing suggesting that the Cupertino company will announce two 13-inch MacBook models: a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Air is expected to feature an 8-core processor, while the MacBook Pro will allegedly get some 12-core love.

Apple said while announcing the transition that the new Macs will fare better than Macs with Intel processors in terms of both performance and efficiency.

The inclusion of Apple’s own silicon will also clear the path for iOS and iPad apps to be accessible on the Mac. A recent 9To5Mac report even suggests that almost all iOS apps will be readily accessible on the new Macs at launch given that they share a similar processor with iPhones and iPads. The report also highlights the fact that Apple is allowing developers to opt-out of making their apps cross-compatible. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and games like Candy Crush and Among Us won’t be available for the Mac just yet. However, developers can choose to upgrade at any time.

Apple also announced its Rosetta 2 framework that will automatically convert otherwise incompatible Intel apps that exist on current Macs to apps that can be run on the arm64 architecture of Apple’s custom chips. Developers won’t need to implicitly update their apps for the new Macs. Optimizing those apps for the custom silicon, however, is another question.

All of this introduces substantial implications for the future of Mac and computing as a whole. A lot of other manufacturers will want to follow Apple in optimizing their computers with their own custom silicon, effectively changing their course.

Apart from new Macs, a new pair of over-the-head Apple-branded headphones and Tile-like trackers dubbed AirTags are also due. There have been consistent rumors about these products for the most part of 2020 and these are due soon. Although rumors regarding the release date of these devices have been thin, it may be that today’s event is where Apple decides to announce these products.

That being said, you’ve got to be there to witness this transition. How, I hear you ask? Read below.

When will the event go live?

The event will go live at 10 a.m. PST. If you want to know the time of the event where you’re living, you can do so here.

The best way to watch: YouTube

Earlier, Apple’s live events were only featured on Apple’s website and had strict compatibility rules. For instance, Android users couldn’t watch the event as streaming required Apple’s Safari browser.

However, lately, Apple has expanded the ways in which it lets you watch its events. And one of the best places where you can do that is YouTube. It’s easily accessible as it’s available on almost every platform. You can access YouTube on TV, on your desktop, on your iPhone, on an Android phone, and even in VR.

Another advantage that YouTube brings to the table when it comes to streaming Apple events is the surprising fact that it’s usually seconds ahead of the stream on Apple’s website.

That said, Apple has already placed its event placeholder on YouTube. Currently, it acts as a reminder tool that will send you a notification once the event goes live so that you won’t miss it. Note that you’ll need to enable YouTube notifications on whatever device you’re watching it on to ensure that you receive it.

I’ll also add the video to this post so you can watch it directly from here.

Other ways to watch

You can also watch today’s event on Apple’s Events page on any modern browser. If you’re intending to watch it on Apple TV, use the Apple Events app there. Although, you’ll need to first make sure it’s updated to the latest tvOS version.

Alternatively, you can share your iPhone’s screen via AirPlay to a compatible TV.

As always, you can tune in to The 8-Bit for exceptional coverage of today’s special Mac event.

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